BSB Set The Most Random World Record

Attention, all '90s kids! Here's some nostalgia-inducing news: the Backstreet Boys set a Guinness World Record — and no, it's not for best boy band of all time. (Probably because it'd be a crazy-close competition with *NSYNC.) Instead, BSB set the record for "Most Nationalities in a Jacuzzi." Yes, you read that correctly. Random? Undeniably so. But impressive? Totally. Perhaps the best part of this news is that they got together a group of fans from all over the world to participate. From Switzerland to Italy, there were a lot of nations represented — 30 people in total. In order to solidify the record, the boys had to stand in the hot tub with their fans for a total of five minutes. In a press release from Guinness World Records, A.J. McLean said,

It has been great to take part in a Guinness World Records attempt and to do it with our fans has been amazing. We felt like we wanted to do something together and to add world record to our achievements is incredible.

According to the release, this record-breaking moment was verified aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship in Florence, Italy on Friday, May 13. (And in case you were curious, the previous record was 26 people in 2012.) Apparently this all happened aboard the Backstreet Boys' annual cruise, which I didn't even know was a thing. Granted, I'm more of an *NSYNC girl, but I'd hop aboard a boat to hang with BSB and travel through Europe, especially if it means making history in the process.

Here are a few snapshots from the milestone moment:

Look at all those flags! Plus, there's the official certificate confirming their record.

Have you ever seen that many people in one hot tub? I think not.

Such proud looks on their faces. There's no better way to commemorate this important occasion than listening to their old hits, like "Everybody." Since literally everybody is in that jacuzzi.

By the way, BSB holds another Guinness World Record: "Best-selling Album in the USA by a Boy Band." Their 1999 album Millennium — featuring "Larger Than Life" and "I Want It That Way" — sold over 12.5 million copies in the U.S. by the end of 2014.

So, congrats to the boys on all of the above! And if they're looking to have fans help them break any more world records, sign me up.

Images: Guinness World Records (3)