What Purse Should You Bring On Vacation?

by Eliza Florendo

Few things are as exciting as planning a trip away so you can get your relaxation game on. But conversely, there's nothing quite as stressful as packing everything you need, from clothes, to toiletries, to outerwear. But most importantly — what purse should you bring on vacation? That tends to be the hardest question of all for me, since I'm practically a bag lady that carries nearly everything.

I've pretty much gotten my toiletries down, thanks to buying some travel bottles that always come with me. And, which shoes — that is second hardest. One pair of sneakers, one pair of semi-fancy shoes, and flip-flops in case anything requires swimming. And when it comes to clothes, I pack outfits per occasion. If you can't tell, I like to have everything prepared and set up, and nothing gives me more anxiety than just dumping a bunch of clothes in a suitcase and hoping they somehow become cute outfits.

But when it comes to bags, something about it makes me freeze up. Big purse or small purse? Nice purse or crappy purse? One of each? That just means bringing way too many. Plus, any frequent traveler knows (especially International travelers), a good bag is everything. One with lots of pockets is ideal, and even better if there's a wallet built in.

Now that summer's practically at our feet, I'm planning on traveling a lot. And, I'm not going to get tricked this time. These are the bags to pack for vacation.

1. The Cross Body

Baggu Cross Body Purse, $120, Azalea

Easy and simple.

2. The Dressed Up Crossbody

Women's Quilted Crossbody Handbag, $2.99, Target

This one's perfect, since you can dress it up for fancier occasions.

3. The Statement Crossbody

Marc by Marc Jacobs Top Schooly Reflector Jax Cross Body Bag, $180, Amazon

If you want more of a pop of color, this one's for you.

4. The Foldover

Flap Tassel Crossbody Handbag, $24, Avenue

The little tassel detail on this one makes it.

5. The Fringe

Cream Fringe Crossbody, $101, Shoptiques

All white errthang.

6. The Lots Of Pockets

The 15-inch Tote, $295, Dadne Dover

Traveling means being prepared for anything, so having pockets for everything you own, from your phone to your shoes, is key. Having a tote that can fit all of your important belongings while still looking this cute? Win-win.

7. The Boho Pick

Women's Knotted Fringe Flap Crossbody Handbag Black, $25, Target

Obsessed with this one.

In terms of cross body bags, one that's small, light, and with a little detail is the general rule I go for. When I'm traveling, I'm often out exploring all day and night, which means I can't be carrying a ton of things with me. So, a practical, yet cute cross body is ideal.

But along with a cross body, I always make sure to pack a tote, preferably canvas. On a day when I'm heading to the beach, a picnic, or need to carry a bit more (if it's raining and I need to bring an umbrella), a canvas tote does the trick. It's super light, no frills, and just gets things done.

1. The Cutesy Tote

BP Canvas Tote, $24, Nordstrom

How cute is this one?

2. The One That States Your Sentiments

Circus by Sam Edelman I Heart NY Canvas Tote, $38, Macy's

I do too.

3. The Fancier Tote

Maison Kitsune Ecru Canvas Palais Royale Tote, $80, Ssense

So simple, yet so cute.

4. The Striped Double Strap

Baggu 'Duck Bag' Canvas Tote, $26, Nordstrom

In love with this nautical vibe.

5. The Beach Bag

Perks and Mini Ivory Triple Threat Canvas Tote Bag, $115, Ssense

How cute is this?

6. The Other Beach Bag

Dirty Ballerina 'Beach Please' Canvas Tote, $28, Nordstrom


7. The Artsy Tote

Pop Art Print Canvas Tote, $96, Matches Fashion

In love with this one.

8. The Pop Of Color

BAN. DO 'Everything' Canvas Tote, $20, Nordstrom

A little pop of color.

9. The Metallic

Foley + Corinna Apollo Metallic Canvas Tote Bag, $52.50, Last Call

I love how this feels fancy and casual at the same time.

Are you ready for a vacation yet? I certainly am. At least now, you have a fraction of the packing done for you. More time to sit, relax, and sip those drinks.

Images: @dagnedover/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands