Kim Kardashian Wins The Perfect Award For Her

Since before Kim Kardashian so famously took selfies as Khloe Kardashian was on her way to jail, homegirl has been all about the front facing camera. Not only does she have a knack for making herself look awesome in absolutely any situation, but her selfies have a way of commanding everyone's attention. Sometimes, they draw criticism, but they always start a conversation online (and usually on Twitter). And now, the 35-year-old is finally being recognized for her talent. On Monday night's 2016 Webby Awards, Kardashian won the Break The Internet Award, and her acceptance speech couldn't have been more perfect.

If you've never heard of the Webbys, you may have guessed from the name that they're all about paying tribute to the Internet, and in the spirit of our 140 character culture, award winners are only allowed to use five words in their acceptance speeches. And like everything she does, Kardashian's five words were very well calculated. When she went up on stage to accept her award, she said simply, "Nude selfies 'til I die." Can we just pause for a moment of silence to truly appreciate how perfect those words are? And not just because I live for when Kardashian stirs up online drama, either.

Before Kardashian was presented with her award, tech experts talked about her various Internet accomplishments and how smart she must be to pull off such explosive success, and it's good to see her getting recognized for those achievements. Between her Kimoji app and her Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game, she really has become a major player in Internet culture, especially because of her presence on social media. And now, she's promising not to stop posting those photos that tend to go viral, and that's such an awesome thing to hear.

It would be easy for Kardashian to decide not to put herself out there in that way because she does end up receiving a lot of hate every time she shares a nude photo, but I'm glad she's not. She should be able to celebrate her confidence in whatever way she chooses, and seeing Kardashian embrace who she is has always encouraged me to do the same. Given the amount of public scrutiny a career like hers creates, it's refreshing to see that she still lives her life the way she wants.

Hear that, haters? Nude selfies forever. I have a feeling Kardashian will break the Internet a lot in the future, and I can't wait to see how she does it.