H&M Beauty's Global Fusion Collection Is Fashion-y

Of course H&M Beauty collections are fashion forward. The brand is always on trend, from the clothes it sells to the beauty products it creates. H&M Beauty's Global Fusion Collection products have a high fashion skew. The bright, bold, and adventurous color offerings in this range are anything but standard or "the usual" — you know, basic cosmetics that you can easily nab while shopping for incidentals, deodorant, toilet paper, or batteries. No way! These are way more daring in terms of color options. So what, exactly, is in H&M's Global Fusion Collection, which is available now at the H&M site and at select H&M locations?

Oh, just a bunch of cool and maj pigmented stuff like Colour Mascara, Molten Eye Pens, Shimmer Drops, and more. The Global Fusion range is a limited edition collection, so do not delay in shopping the line.

In a press release Bustle received from H&M, the Global Fusion Collection is meant for makeupistas who aren't afraid to play or to experiment with vibrant, graphic looks. The shades are high impact and high pigment. Think oranges, reds, magentas, and rich aquatic hues. So yeah, bright blues and greens. If you embrace electric shades, listen up and pay attention.

Cornflower Blue Color Mascara, $12.99, H&M

Need a further breakdown? Rad, I've got you. The Colour Mascara is saturated and glossy. Check out that insanely gorgeous blue shade. You can swipe this on lashes and literally do nothing else and use zero additional products. You get a pop of color with a minimum of product on a hot day. #LazyGirHack

Purple Patch Creamy Lip Melt, $6.99, H&M

The Creamy Lip Melt is a lip gloss that is pigment-packed and has unheard of staying power. I also love the squeeze tube tip and packaging.

Kimono Silk Molten Eye Pen, $7.99, H&M

The Molten Eye Pen is both a shadow and a liner with a metallic finish. The product applies smoothy, blends beautifully, and the pencil packaging makes it super totable. You can do smoky eyes or just rim your lower lids. Another #LazyGirlHack where you can get a lot of look via a single product.

Blue Planet Molten Eye Pen, $7.99, H&M

That is the most beautiful blue ever! I want to smudge into my lower lash line or pop into my inner corners.

Midas Touch Shimmer Drops, $9.99, H&M

The Shimmer Drops can be mixed with other products to add sheen and to highlight your fave feature. Face? Arms? Legs? Whatever! I want to try it with my moisturizer for extra glow factor.

Silver Dew Shimmer Drops, $9.99, H&M

Liquid metal, baby!

Shimmer Gloss Box, $24.99, H&M

The Shimmer Gloss gift box holds six shades of gloss. It's a perfect gifting option for your makeup-lovin' pals with summer bdays.

Nail Colour Trio, $17.99, H&M

The Nail Colour Trio is samesies in that it is giftable... because who has time to shop when the beach is calling? Grab a few of these and keep them on hand. Get all your summer shopping done now. It features three colors in each set. There is more than one set, as well.

These are just a few of my favorite color options. There are other products, like Eye Pots, and plenty of other shades. Overall, the hues in this range are so electric that they crackle.

H&M Beauty's GFC looks ready for summer to me!

Images: H&M (9)