'True Detective' Left Us Some Bread Crumbs

The roads are quite twisty through HBO's thrilling crime series True Detective and each week, as the plot thickens, those roads get twistier. Naturally, as we plod towards the conclusion of this season's mystery — keeping in mind that True Detective operates on an American Horror Story schedule, with a new mystery per season — no detail shall be left behind.

After all, with only eight episodes — far less time than any premium network crime-solver has enjoyed in the past — every minute, every iota of a second counts. Not a single inch of dialog or a single cutaway should be wasted. All roads should lead to some purpose or another. Still, the details in this dark, brooding series are copious; many of them are tiny and seemingly insignificant at the time; many feel like "color" or pieces added to create depth in the characters. But from where we stand now, every little thing that happens on True Detective is important.

And since we've seen Sunday's episode, "Haunted Houses," (I know, we're lucky bastards) we thought we'd give you a study sheet of things to remember before 9 PM rolls around. We're not cruel enough to spoil anything for you — after all, this is certainly a show that's all about the journey towards the entirely uncertain destination — but just know that these choice details will help your understanding of the next chapter of Rust Cohle and Marty Hart's eerie journey.

1. Reverend Tuttle

He's been mentioned a few times, off-hand, since we met him back at the series' outset, but it's important to remember how interested he was in Rust and Marty's case. Tuttle is related to Louisiana's Governor Tuttle, he owns Tuttle ministries which founded a series of religious schools, and when the Dora Lange murder first came about he tried to wrest it from Rust and Marty by forming a religious-protection task force.

2. Rust's Outlook on Religion

When he and Marty visited one of Tuttle's tent churches, Marty suggested that religion was a lock-box on society, but Rust said that anyone who needed religion to keep them in line was likely a terrible person to begin with and that their evil would manifest itself in other ways.

3. Marty and Rust rescued two children

At the time, Marty and Rust finding two children on Reggie Ledoux's compound served as a catalyst for Marty to shoot Reggie in the head.

4. The Tent Minister

When Marty and Rust first start investigating Dora's involvement in one of Tuttle's churches, they interview a well-meaning minister, Joel Theriot. He was very helpful and genuinely seemed to believe in the gospel he was preaching.

5. Marty's Slut-Shaming Words

When Marty finds his mistress is sleeping with a new man, he calls her a slut (but he didn't seem to think she was one for sleeping with a married man). Later, when his teenage daughter Audrey has sex with two young men, he has no problem shaming her and calling her "Captain of the Varsity Slut Team." He's rather quick on the trigger with that derogatory word.

6. Marty's Anger Issues

Keep in mind the way Marty once got in Rust's face over the fact that Rust mowed his lawn for him and the violent outburst at his mistress' house. Marty's a bit trigger happy when it comes to expressing rage.

Now, do with this information what you will, but keep it all in mind as True Detective takes us deeper down the dark, dark rabbit hole.

Images: HBO