Why Isn't Bethenny Frankel's Daughter On 'Real Housewives Of New York'? Bryn Hoppy Hasn't Been Spotted In Awhile

If we really step back and take an honest look at our lives, I think we would all come to the same conclusion. Bethenny Frankel is an undisputed queen of the Real Housewives world, a #girlboss with a strong point of view and a serious jolt of enviable confidence. It's been a joy to have Frankel back in the hot seat during the last two seasons of the show, but it's becoming clear that during her Real Houswives Of New York hiatus, Frankel's life dramatically changed. In the wake of her Bethenny's divorce from ex-husband Jason Hoppy, it's been no secret that the successful business owner and mother has had difficulty juggling her demanding shooting schedule with the precious time she spends with her pretty adorable daughter Bryn Hoppy. (Remember when Bethenny left Carole's election party early and everyone gave her the side eye? So not cool.) But, why isn't Bethenny's daughter on Real Housewives of New York ?

It looks like the answer is yet again tied to the fact that Frankel and Hoppy still have not finalized their divorce, stalled by contentious custody battles and the tricky division of assets. Unsurprisingly, all the drama seems to be seriously taking a toll on the SkinnyGirl mogul – with Frankel opening up emotionally more than ever before.

Luckily, the pair made major progress in 2014 after coming to an agreement as to who would receive custody of Frankel's daughter Bryn Hoppy, landing on a vague co-parenting agreement as outlined by Jason Hoppy's attorney, according to Page Six. But that doesn't mean Bethenny's time with Bryn is hers alone. Despite featuring baby Bryn on the RHONY spin-off Bethenny Ever After, RadarOnline has reported that Jason Hoppy is allegedly committed to keeping Bryn off the show. According to other sources who spoke to RadarOnline, Frankel was allegedly "adamant" about allowing Bryn's appearance on the show. Bustle reached out to Bravo and Bethenny for comment. Jason could not be directly reached for comment.

In the Season 7 reunion, Bethenny weighed in on the stresses of attempting to co-parent with an estranged partner."I would say this is by far this is the most excruciating thing I've ever been close to being in," she revealed. Carole Radziwill, who became close with Frankel during the course of the season added, "If it was happening to me, I would not be able to handle it... She calls her daughter twice a day and it's very court appointed and lots of times her ex-husband won't answer the phone. I've seen her call six, seven, eight, nine times. She wants to talk to her daughter, she's four. There's so many head games being played."

The stipulations of the custody case were never directly made public, but for now it seems Bryn and Bethenny will do their bonding away from the Bravo cameras.

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