Bethenny's Daughter Bryn Is A Mini-'RHONY'

One of the best things about watching The Real Housewives of New York over the past seven seasons is seeing the Real Housewives' kids grow up over the years. For example, isn't it funny how Bethenny Frankel and her daughter, Bryn, look almost identical? Even though Bryn is an elementary school and Bethenny is a middle aged woman, there's no mistaking that these two are related. And, the resemblance is even more pronounced when these two dress alike, which happens all the time. Because even though Bryn is still a kid, her wardrobe and hair skills rival that of any cast member on The Real Housewives of New York City. Bethenny would never have her daughter in anything less than designer-worthy duds.

Bethenny's storyline this year on the show hasn't really been about Bryn... mostly it's been about how little of Bryn she's been able to see now that she's divorced from her ex-husband Jason Hoppy. And, even though she hasn't made Bryn a part of her RHONY return, that doesn't mean that Bethenny hasn't been spotted around New York City with her daughter for the past four years. Although Bethenny often wears all black and has dark hair, and Bryn is blond and prefers pink, they still look just alike. I offer you proof in the form of these nine pictures.

1. When Nothing Could Keep Them Away From The NY City Streets

Even in the cold, Bethenny and Bryn went walking in NYC — and they've been out and about in the city year round ever since Bryn was born. Also check out those adorable, matching coats.

2. When They Held Identical Hands

Bryn & Bethenny interlocking hands on Instagram might not be a high-quality photograph, but it captures just how much these two have in common, and how close they are.

3. When They Shared Ice Cream

Bethenny is usually incredibly health-conscious (I mean, it's her whole career), so to see her say "screw it" to all her SkinnyGirl mania and share an ice cream with her daughter is adorable.

4. When They Both Used A Pop Of Pink

Bethenny loves neutrals, but when meeting up with Bryn, she added a hot pink Birkin... and Bryn's sneakers are the exact same shade. Maybe she'll be receiving the bag as a hand-me-down in a few (dozen) years.

5. When They Wore Identical Slippers

Who knew the usually-serious Bethenny secretly harbored a love for Hello Kitty? In her Mother's Day Facebook post, she shared a pic of her slippers alongside an identical pair of Bryn's.

6. When They Had Coordinating Snow Ensembles And Expressions To Match

Even though Bryn's pink Uggs have seemingly never touched the ground, both Bethenny and her daughter are bundled up for winter, and both have perfectly matched boots, scarves, coats, and smiles. Awww.

7. When They Wore Candy-Coated Halloween Costumes

These two both embraced Bryn's favorite clothing color for a 2013 Halloween outfit, a fantasy of bright pinks and candy textures.

8. When They Had The Exact Same Face

These two may have very different hair, but they have the same shaped face — and Bryn definitely inherited her mother's sleepy facial expressions!

9. When They Wore The Same Size PJ's

This Instagram picture was actually pretty controversial — and was brought up in Bethenny's custody battle with Jason. The judge ordered "No more pajamas," in reference to this Instagram photo of Bethenny wearing Bryn's four year-old pajamas. Even if she probably shouldn't be sharing her daughter's clothes just yet, I can't blame her for getting them mixed up — because Bethenny Frankel and Bryn Hoppy are such a wonderfully matched mother-daughter RHONY pair.