Clinton & The 'Ghostbusters' Cast In One Room

by Lauren Holter

Next week, Hillary Clinton will join the cast of the new all-female Ghostbusters team on Ellen, the talk show host tweeted Tuesday. Clinton and the Ghostbusters cast in the same room is an absolute feminist dream come true. "Get your Woman Cards ready," DeGeneres tweeted.

The remake of the 1984 classic, starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones, will hit theaters July 15, and Ghostbusters fans couldn't be more excited. All four women are comedy powerhouses in their own right, so putting them all in one movie together can only mean good things. Now add DeGeneres and Clinton to that mix, and you can expect one very eventful episode of The Ellen Show.

So many amazing women in one room is bound to terrify misogynists and thrill feminists. I mean, you have four famous comedians remaking a wildly popular movie featuring male stars into one about female scientists on the same show as the woman trying tirelessly to become the first female president of the nation. Not to mention DeGeneres herself, who has given visibility to gay women and has proven that women are just as funny as men for decades. You just can't ask for more — I hope the studio can handle that much girl power at once.

Just like Clinton, the Ghostbusters know what it's like to face harsh criticism from the public. As with anything involving women in male spaces, there has been a backlash against the all-female Ghostbusters crew. Director Paul Feig quickly shut it down, saying: "If it’s pure misogyny, it’s a non-starter to me." The movie's trailer was the most disliked trailer on YouTube, with 797,622 thumbs down. But the comedians aren't letting the haters get to them, and they continue to promote the movie they labored over.

Kickass women breaking boundaries are always inspiring, and McCarthy, Wiig, McKinnon, Jones, DeGeneres, and Clinton are all doing just that. Though the actors and politician will probably appear in different segments of the show, hopefully they'll get a chance to chat about their experiences in male-driven industries. Maybe Clinton will bring them her official "Woman Card" so they can all carry feminism around in their wallets and rep Team Hillary.

The perfect episode will air May 25, and you won't want to miss it. Clear your schedule, set your DVR, do whatever you have to do. Just make sure you witness this magical TV moment.