Spin Classes On A Bus Might Be A Thing Soon

by Megan Grant

You likely woke up with the same thought I did: Why hasn't anyone held spin class on a bus yet? Welp, luckily for you and I, someone finally came up with the idea. London fitness company 1Rebel has combined your morning commute with your daily workout and revealed plans to put spin classes on buses, in addition to other workout equipment — a service officially called Ride2Rebel. Between this and all the mobile apps coming out, our excuses for skipping our daily sweat sesh are starting to run dry.

The government hasn't OK'd the whole thing yet; but if they do, these new bike-equipped buses could be available as soon as this summer, departing from four different locations across London and priced out at anywhere between $17 and $22 for a 45-minute class. In fact, you can already register to test the thing out. If you're worried about arriving to your destination one giant sweatball, fret not: The beginning and end of each adventure bring you to a 1Rebel club, where you can take a shower and enjoy a tasty smoothie. Actually, 1Rebel was named by GQ Magazine as the "King of Gyms." Four more clubs are in the works across London, meaning more bus routes, more buses, and more spinning. Hooray!

Not going to lie: I'm curious about what the safety measures will be, as these details haven't be released yet. Helmets? Seatbelts? Are they going to burrito every passenger in bubble wrap? There's got to be something to prevent injury in case of an accident or spill, right?

1Rebel is no newbie in the field of fitness. In fact, R2R is inspired by the wild popularity of one of the studio's classes. The 45-minute bus-ride workout includes a HIIT session (high intensity interval training), sometimes using upper body weights. There's even live music for some classes, 1Rebel's PR team tells Bustle in an email. Throw in the tinted windows and nightclub lighting and you're good to go. It's almost like a night on the Las Vegas Strip, except you're on a bike. On a bus. Possibly going to work. Which kind of sucks, but hey, at least there are smoothies. Everybody loves smoothies.

No mention of this service making its way stateside anytime soon. For now, you'll just have to continue driving to work and taking regular 'ol spin classes like you always have.

Images: Courtesy of Emerge (2)