Trump Is Open To Talks With This Major U.S Enemy

On Tuesday in an exclusive interview with Reuters, presumptive GOP nominee revealed a major departure from the current U.S. policy with North Korea. Donald Trump said he'd potentially talk with Kim Jong Un, the North Korean dictator. "I would speak to him, I would have no problem speaking to him," he told the news agency during a half-hour interview at Trump Tower in Manhattan. According to the Reuters report, the talks would be part of a larger effort to halt North Korea's nuclear program. "At the same time I would put a lot of pressure on China because economically we have tremendous power over China," Trump added.

While the Obama administration has made some efforts to open up a diplomatic dialogue with the hermetic North Korea, direct talks between Washington D.C. and Pyongyang never occurred under his watch. The Wall Street Journal reported in February that the two countries had come close to agreeing to meet for formal peace talks to the Korean War, but they never came to fruition. According to a CNN report, the talk proposal fell apart when North Korea refused to allow discussion of its nuclear program to be on the table.

According to the Reuters interview, in addition to Trump making it clear that he'd be amenable to this significant North Korean shakeup, he also said "he disapproved of Russian President Vladimir Putin's actions in eastern Ukraine."