These 'Flash' Finale Spoilers May Shock You

Whether you're desperate to know who's behind the iron mask or eager to see the arrival of Kid Flash and Jesse Quick, Season 2 of The Flash has a lot of mysteries to uncover. Luckily, Violett Beane, who plays Jesse Wells, was able to give some spoilers for The Flash Season 2 finale in emoji form, so we can try to figure out what’s coming. From the looks of it, we're getting back to basics.

Recently, both Jesse Wells and Wally West were hit by the recreation of particle accelerator explosion. Their reactions to the incident each mirrored Barry Allen's initial experience in different ways. Jesse fell immediately into a coma — and Barry was able to wake her using the Speed Force, which apparently is sentient and able to act as Barry's Dumbledore. Comic book fans know that Jesse and Wally are speedsters in the making, and their storylines have become a sort of "will they or won't they" when it comes to superpowers. As Team Flash goes to confront Zoom, I'm willing to bet that both of these characters will figure into the shocking moments.

Here's what Beane offered as teases. It look like this season is going out with a bang — sorry, I had to go there. At first glance, it also certainly seems like Jesse and/or Wally might be closer to getting their speed on The Flash before the end of Season 2. Take a look:

That, or someone is going to be poisoned! I know there are a lot of beakers at S.T.A.R. Labs, but why are they toxic? That monkey has me worried as well, and not only because it could be referring to the return of Gorilla Grodd, everyone's favorite meta-ape. Or, more likely, the "see no evil" monkey just a super cute way to indicate that we're going to be shocked by what's in store and have to cover our eyes.

The running man could be any speedster at this point, actually, between Barry, Hunter/Jay, and all of the future metahumans. If and when Wally and Jesse do end up becoming speedsters like their comic book counterparts, the opening voiceover on the show, in which Barry Allen claims to be "the fastest man alive," may have to be altered a bit. From the looks of it, The Flash Season 2 may end with a few more speedsters than it started with.

Images: Katie Yu/The CW, Leah Thomas