Trump Tweets About His Megyn Kelly Interview

by Chris Tognotti

On Tuesday night, Fox News viewers were treated to a sight that they might've thought would never happen again: Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump sat down for an interview with Megyn Kelly. And just like you might expect, the candidate was eager to promote the appearance, likely with an eye towards polishing up the many stains on his record that endure from the GOP primary. Which is probably why Trump took to his favorite medium to accompany the broadcast. Trump live-tweeted his interview with Kelly, and he hasn't even gone scorched-earth on her this time! Not yet, at least.

The sit-down came more than nine months following the first Republican primary debate in August, now most memorable for Trump's hostile reaction to Kelly after she pointedly questioned him about his long history of sexist remarks and verbal attacks on women. After the debate concluded, the real estate magnate began excoriating Kelly on Twitter, making several crude and insulting remarks. His rancor had an added effect, too ― she reportedly received death threats from Trump supporters during his crusade against her.

Trump quickly began live-tweeting this highly anticipated event, and surprisingly, he was pretty tame:

Needless to say, things didn't look ripe for a one-on-one between the two, much less after Trump ducked a whole debate to avoid facing her again. But it seems like the reality of a looming general election might be pushing the Trump campaign places they weren't interested in going just a few months ago. So, how did Trump feel about the interview? It's a loaded situation, considering how prone he is to attacking Kelly when things don't go his way.

If it weren't apparent enough, Trump's primary mission in tweeting about the Kelly interview is pretty clear ― to play it safe, and focus on retweeting the fawning praise of his own supporters, both directed at Kelly and himself. In other words, he seems to have gotten the message that a long, bitter war with a popular anchor for America's foremost conservative news channel isn't in his interests.

If you'd placed a bet before the interview aired on how Trump's live-tweets would play out, this cordial, ho-hum tact would've been the safest guess. Trump may have shown a streak of impulsiveness, boorishness, and overt sexism throughout his time in the public eye, but there's no reason to think he's a fool when it comes to his current situation. If he hope to have any chance to win the presidency in November, he's going to have to turn around his dismal numbers among women, and his antagonism of Kelly was a very overt, aggressive example of his worst side in that regard.

When it was all said and done, Trump's above tweet professing his fondness for actor Michael Douglas (who appeared on Kelly's show following the Trump interview) may have been the most interesting tweet of the bunch. Outside of that, the whole thing was dedicated to showcasing his adoring fans on Twitter ― a nice moment of comity for Trump, maybe, but nothing much as far as making news goes.