8 Twitter Reactions To Megyn Kelly's Trump Event

As soon Megyn Kelly's interview with Donald Trump on FOX hit the air, Twitter was ablaze with commentary. Many on the social network found Kelly's questions for Trump "too light" while others criticized Kelly, accusing her of acting petty or seeking revenge for Trump's attacks on her late last year. Needless to say, across the country viewers had mixed reactions to the interview highly anticipated interview with perhaps the most tumultuous political pair this year.

During the interview, Kelly mentioned that Trump now has her cell phone number, which sparked comparisons to an incident last summer when Trump gave out Sen. Lindsey Graham's phone number to the press. Some responded to reports of Kelly's past misdeeds, including links to a January Gawker piece that accused Kelly of being "a terrible person."

When reviewing Kelly's lines of questioning, some media figures applauded Kelly for her interview skills, saying she helped Trump open up and be himself on air. Others called the special "a hard-hitting interview." Early in the interview, Vox published a chart showing misogynist words and slurs tweeted at Kelly from Trump supporters, one of the largest of which was "bimbo."

The entire interview was met with varying reactions from both viewers and participants alike. Here are eight of the best Twitter reactions that prove viewers everywhere had extremely mixed reactions throughout the interview.

1. Megyn Kelly's Debut "Puff Piece"

It seems like this user might be riding the Trump Train, as she accused Kelly of "antagonizing" Trump. Whatever her political views, this viewer was clearly unhappy with Kelly's interview and didn't think it was necessarily hard-hitting journalism.

2. Don't Even Think About Defending Yourself, Megyn Kelly

Apparently by defending herself and holding Trump accountable for his terrible comments, Kelly became the equivalent of "a high school girl trying to get revenge for getting roasted." Interesting.

3. Never, Ever Give Trump Your Cell Number

Don't agree with this? Call Sen. Graham (ha ha) and ask him how well this worked out for him in the past.

4. #NeverForget

Although there were new, juicy details emerging from this exclusive one-on-one interview between Kelly and Trump, Gawker decided instead to republish a previously-published story of theirs that called Kelly "a horrible person." Ouch.

5. Yay, Kelly! Yay, Trump!

In a change of pace from other reactions, Fox News Contributor Tammy Bruce showed her support for both Kelly and Trump. It's kind of hilarious that she acknowledged the environment in which Trump "can be himself, to his great benefit," because the interview took place in a swanky corner office. Perfect for The Donald.

6. Introducing: Donald Trump #2

This might be the best compliment of the night for Kelly. Senior Editor of Daily Caller Jamie Weinstein praised her interviewing skills and argued that she was so great during the event, she revealed a side of Trump that we have not yet seen.

7. No Fun Allowed


8. The Question That Sums Up Pretty Much Everyone's Reaction

"Fair, or just plain wimpy?" To be honest, that sounds like a question Trump probably asks about literally everyone he encounters in life.

At the end of the interview, Kelly announced the title of her memoir, Settle for More , which is set for a fall release date. Twitter users, always ready to pounce on a story, began talking about the book as the interview ended, some accusing Kelly of using the interview and Donald Trump to plug her book. In any case, these eight Twitter reactions proved that viewers were definitely glued to their televisions during the interview, but that they definitely also have some really, really mixed feelings about Kelly and Trump.