The New Jaclyn Hill x BECCA Product Is Liquid Gold

In case you missed it on Snapchat and Instagram, the Jaclyn Hill x BECCA launch party tonight has already been full of fun surprises and amazing snaps and videos from the beauty vlogger and the cosmetics company. The party, which celebrates her Champagne Glow Palette release, is full of fun, makeup, and (understandably) champagne. But the best news to come out of the night? A Jaclyn Hill x BECCA liquid highlighter is happening.

Yep, it appears as though Hill's insanely popular Champagne Pop powder highlighter will now be available in liquid form. Cue the freaking out from Hill's fans, who've been waiting for news about her latest collection with BECCA for what feels like weeks. So what are the details behind the highlighter?

Bustle's Associate Fashion & Beauty Editor, Erin Mayer, attended the launch party, and she got a glimpse of the latest items that will be added to the collection. Drumroll please — one of them will be a liquid highlighter! It appears to be a similar formula to BECCA's existing liquid highlighter but in Hill's signature Champagne Pop shade. And the best part? Mayer managed to get some photo evidence of what the product will look like.

That bottle in the back is the liquid highlighter, and it's pictured next to Hill's Champagne Glow Palette, which went on surprise sale on the Sephora app in honor of Tuesday's launch party.

They of course sold out quickly, according to the brand's Instagram.

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid, $41,

This is the company's existing liquid highlighter, which definitely looks like the same bottle as the one in the photo. It currently comes in five shades, but it appears the Jaclyn Hill x BECCA liquid highlighter will bring that number up to six.

BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop, $38,

Here's what Champagne Pop looks like — Sephora describes it as a "soft white gold w/ pinky peach undertones," which is naturally going to look amazing in liquid form as well. And if you have dry skin or are going for a dewy look, this liquid highlighter will be able to add a whole new look to your rotation.

And, how exciting is the news that Hill will be releasing new products beyond the new liquid highlighter? She hasn't announced exactly what they are yet, but it looks like Jaclyn Hill x BECCA will be an entire amazing collection of products from the mega-famous vlogger. I for one can't wait for the announcement about what else will be in the collection.

Images: Erin Mayer; Sephora