You Better Act Fast, Champagne Pop Fans

If you're a member of Jaclyn Hill's Snapchat Fam, you know that our favorite guru — or should I say mogul — is currently out celebrating the launch of the BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow palette. With a celebration already happening, you might be wondering if the Champagne Glow Palette is out now. Short answer: Yes! It's live, everyone. Thanks to Hill's always amazing Snapchat announcements, you can now get your hands on the latest addition to the Champagne Pop family, and it's one hell of an addition. In fact, it's four additions, and everyone is losing their mind.

A few weeks ago, Hill teased a new highlight during her latest YouTube tutorial, but being her coy self, Hill wouldn't disclose what the highlight was. Only a few days later, the Internet found out via Hill's Snapchat, and her fans' screams could be heard practically around the world. The Champagne Glow palette announcement revealed that not only is Hill unveiling a new highlighter called Prosecco Pop but also three new blushes for the BECCA Cosmetics line.

The latest highlighter should come as no surprise as Hill is practically the queen of the on fleek highlight. Prosecco Pop is different from its Champagne sister, though, in that it features a gorgeous golden shimmer unlike the peachy tone of the former highlighter. For those who were bummed that they were going to have to wait in order to get their hands on the palette, wait no more! The Champagne Collection Face Palette by BECCA x Jaclyn Hill is out now!

You heard me correctly. The highly anticipated palette has been released in a limited stock, and thanks to Hill, you can snag it. On her Snapchat Tuesday night, Hill explained that she begged BECCA to let her release to palette as a celebration to us all, and celebrate we will!

Hill teased earlier today that a surprise would be coming at the event, and this is definitely a great way. So how do you buy the Champagne Collection Face Palette? It's available only on the Sephora mobile app, so get your fingers ready to buy. In order to find the palette, you'll need to search #champagneglow, and bam! it'll pop up on your screen, ready for you to press "Add to Basket."

The palette rings in at $52, and it's a total steal for everything that you'll find inside. With three blushes, Prosecco Pop, and Champagne Pop, it'll have you slaying like Hill as soon as it gets to your front door.

Hill's decision to release the Champagne Collection Face Palette the night of the celebration shows not only her love for her work but her dedication to her face. Personally, I am so exceedingly happy for Hill, and if you'll excuse me, I've got to go try to purchase this palette.