9 Hair Habits That Help Hair Look & Feel Thicker

Let me get one thing straight: Whether your hair is curly or smooth, short or long, fine or thick, it's naturally gorgeous and unique to you. Still, I can totally relate to the struggle of wanting what you don't have — and for anyone who wants fine hair to look thicker, there are a few helpful habits you can work into your routine to keep hair from feeling thin.

These tricks for thicker-looking hair start in the shower with a botanical-rich thickening shampoo, taking you all the way to touching up your hair with a body boost throughout the day with an absorbent dry shampoo. For truly Tracy Turnblad-esque hair, you might be surprised when I tell you that it could be as easy as gently teasing your hair at the roots with a compact tease brush, which you can throw in your bag after you head out of the house.

These simple hair-thickening steps, combined with a few spritzes of a blendable root concealer spray, will fill in your roots and make your hair look crazy thick without having to put in any extra time or effort. (Because you're busy, and I know you don't have time for that!) Read on to learn the other habits that will give fine hair a ton of body.

Wash With A Botanical-Rich Thickening Shampoo For A Healthy Scalp

Jack Black True Volume Thickening Shampoo, $28, Amazon

A healthy, flake-free scalp produces thicker and stronger strands of hair that will give you all the body you've been craving for your 'do. With botanicals and a thickening complex, this daily shampoo with invigorating basil is gentle and nourishing on your scalp, and its expansion technology gives hair the push it needs to look and feel its healthiest. Reviewers say it gives fine hair volume without the waxy build-up you might see from other cleansing options.

Moisturize With Weightless Conditioner To Plump Your Hair Shaft

Alterna - Hemp Thickening Conditioner, $18, Amazon

If you want fine locks to appear thicker, it's important to choose a volume-boosting conditioner that will plump your individual strands — starting all the way from the hair shaft. This one's organic formula with natural botanicals aims to increase hair density, giving your hair completely weightless moisture. Finally, your hair will feel soft and smooth without any excess oil at the roots.

Apply A Lightweight Thickening Cream For Body That Lasts

Living Proof Full Thickening Cream, $16, Amazon

If you want a major boost of body, this volumizing thickening cream will do the job. It deposits thickening dots onto all of your hair strands and goes on lightweight, so your hair feels touchable and thicker than ever. Plus, it promises to give you volume that lasts five times longer than similar products on the market. One user with shoulder-length hair gave this cream rave reviews, saying she "rubbed a small amount throughout, blow-dried, and wowza. So much more volume than I've gotten with other hair thickeners."

Shield Hair From Flatness With Humidity-Resistant Root Lifting Spray

Kenra Root Lifting Spray #13, $14, Amazon

For an awesome lift, spritz this humidity-resistant root lifter spray on your damp hair before you blow dry. As a bonus, it also acts as a thermal protectant, so you'll be saving your hair from any heat styling damage while you give your stands a major body boost. Plus, its formula is super lightweight, so it won't make your hair feel stiff as it locks in the volume for 60 hours. One user gave this root lifter five stars for giving her "sky high" body.

For Fuller-Looking Hair, Try Styling Natural-Looking Waves With Pearl-Infused Curling Wand

Remington Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand, 1/2-1 Inch, $25, Amazon

If you style your hair flat against your head, it can create a less full effect than if you add texture and volume with natural-looking waves. This clipless ceramic wand is made with real pearl, so your hair will glide over the barrel and become softer and shinier — even after being exposed to heat. Bonus: The wand has a cone shaped design, so you can make whatever size waves you want. One user gave this wand five stars for how fast it heats up when she's ready to style.

Spot-Treat Flat Hair With Temporary Root Concealer Spray

Tressa Watercolors Brown Root Concealer, $22, Amazon

Between washes, further lifting your roots with a temporary root concealer spray can make your hair appear thicker. It dries in minutes, and it also acts as a texturizer and volumizer — adding to your hair's thick appearance. One user calls this the best root concealer she's ever used because of its lightweight and completely natural-looking appearance.

...Or Plump Falling Hair With Invigorating Scent & A Subtle Shine

Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical, $10, Amazon

Dry shampoo is a great way to absorb excess oil, sweat, or dirt on your scalp to refresh your hair between showers. When it comes to giving your hair a boost of body during the day, this tropical-scented dry shampoo does the trick exceptionally well. Why? Its formula also deposits a subtle luminous shine (instead of usual dulling matte finish), helping your hair look thicker and healthier than ever. For the best results, spray it onto your roots and massage it in with your fingertips. It will dry in seconds and instantly lift your hair at the root, making it look way thicker.

Gently Lift Hair Roots With Natural Boar Bristle Brush

Cricket - Amped Up Tease Brush Fushia, $6, Amazon

If your fine hair tends to fall flat as you move through your day, the bristles you're using in the morning could play a huge factor. Adopt the habit of keeping a boar's head bristle brush at your fingertips — this compact tool can be stored for on-the-go touch-ups. The brush is great for all hair types, and users love it because the natural bristles mean they're not doing damage to their hair as they work up the roots.

Secure Style With Volume-Boosting Wheat Protein Spritz

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hair Spray, $33, Amazon

After teasing, keep your roots lifted for hours with a moderate control hairspray that tames frizz, gives lift and control, and contains wheat proteins to condition and moisturize your hair. Plus, this hairspray has polymers to protect your hair against heat and environmental damage that can cause hair to look fine and fall flat. One user gives this thickening product incredible reviews, saying she's been using it for over eight years and loves how her hair "never loses shape" when using this spray.

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