Megyn Kelly Wrote A Book & It's Coming Soon

by Alex Gladu

During her primetime special on Tuesday, May 17, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly announced her new book. Titled Settle for More, the book will do more than just give readers an inside look at her life — it'll shed some light on her dark year as Donald Trump's biggest foe. Although it's not available yet, the book — and the interview that aired during the primetime special — has reignited the conversation about the dramatic fallout between Kelly and Trump.

Kelly's announcement came at the end of her hour-long special on Fox, in which she interviewed Orange Is The New Black star Laverne Cox, O.J. Simpson attorney Robert Shapiro, actor Michael Douglas, and of course, Trump. Given the much-anticipated sit-down between her and Trump, the book announcement seemed sort of like that extra two minutes at the end of a TV show, when they tell you what's going to happen in the next episode.

In this case, Tuesday's interview was more like a season finale, though, as interested viewers and prospective readers will have to wait until November 15 to actually read the new book. Until then, it's only available for pre-order, but here is what we know about Settle for More so far.

The title comes from Kelly's own life. The idea of settling for more is, according to Kelly, "my life motto, from the time I was an unhappy lawyer." Before skyrocketing to success on Fox News, Kelly worked as a trial lawyer until the age of 33. She spoke about that experience in a recent interview with Vanity Fair .

From an online description of the book, as excerpted in Mediaite, it seems like the book will reveal a behind-the-scenes perspective of Kelly's life and her now-notorious feud with Trump. The latter part she even confirmed herself in making the announcement at the end of her primetime special.

"And yes, for the first time, I will speak openly about my year with Donald Trump," Kelly said on Tuesday.

Jemal Countess/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since the first Republican debate of this election cycle, which occurred back in August, Kelly has remained relatively quiet about her feud with Trump. Although she has been pummeled with disparaging tweets and often-inappropriate criticisms by Trump's fans, she hasn't unleashed any Twitter rants of her own. In November, the book may say all that she needs to tell. What's more, her story will finally be told about a week after American voters get to have a say of their own at the polls in the general election.