'Supernatural: Tribes' Has Cast These Two Actors

Fear not, all you Supernatural and Winchester fans, for the CW has officially cast two actors for the network’s upcoming spin-off, Supernatural: Tribes . Lucien Laviscount of shows like Episodes and Skins, and Nathaniel Buzolic of The Vampire Diaries, have joined the new series, which will air as a planted episode on April 29. Details about the show leaked earlier last month to TVLine when a list of character and monster descriptions made its way to the interwebs, and it looks like the rumors are true.

Laviscount is set to play Ennis Roth, a Chicago citizen with a history not unlike that of the Winchester family, which lost their mother and Sam Winchester’s girlfriend to a murderous demon. Roth, who has the lead role for the spin-off, loses his fiancée during a crossfire of the monster war, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and after learning the history between the monster families, trades his police academy training to become a monster-hunter. Handsome man out to avenge his past love and ready to kick some monster behind? Yeah, count me in.

Yet while I’ll take sides with the human race here because… I’m human… I can’t help get all jittery inside knowing that Laviscount will be taking quite the opposite stance as a monster. Already having had experience with his role as Kol Mikaelson in The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off, The Originals, I’m sure Laviscount will have no problem taking part in a monster family once again. Plus, he’s Australian (in real life), so there’s that.

This time, Buzolic will play a shapeshifter, David Hayden, who is part of one of the ruling monster families living in Chicago. But I really do hope that he doesn’t have to do any gross skin-shedding stuff whenever he changes like that one shapeshifter in the episode, Skin. Gross, major deal breaker. Yet unlike many of the others, Hayden has given up the lifestyle of his family and has been living normally as a human for years. However, according to the description that was released some time ago by TVLine, an event in Hayden’s life causes him to resort back to the monster life. I guess we’ll have to wait until April to see if that’s true, because I’m sure the CW isn’t trying to give away too much information.

With casting finally underway, everyone can prepare themselves for more Supernatural: Tribes news in the coming months, I’m sure. But what is it that I really want to know? Who are going to play the badass lady-monsters? Because that's truly all that matters.