Meet The Characters of 'Supernatural: Tribes'

After news of the CW’s plans for the Supernatural spin-off, Supernatural: Tribes, popped into my radar earlier this week, I basically started foaming at the mouth like a rabid animal because I am ALL about some Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Although the Winchester brothers won’t be leaving Supernatural for the spin-off, I can only assume they’ll make an appearance at some point during the show and that, with high hopes, the lead character for the spin-off will be just as drop dead gorgeous. Now, some information about the spin-off's new hunter and monsters has leaked, describing what we might see from the new cast.

The characters will include common monsters that we’ve seen before in Supernatural like shape-shifters and werewolves, according to TVLine. Here is a list of TVLine’s Supernatural: Tribes roundup below:

Ennis Roth

Listed to be the star of the show, Roth comes from a troubled past and makes his way to a police academy after someone close to him is murdered, according to TVLine. The character is supposed to meet Sam and Dean (This would be fantastic in all ways imaginable) who reveal the monster world to him and fill him in on the five families of monsters that live in Chicago.

David Hayden

Although living a human life for some time, Hayden, who has always been a shape-shifter, resorts back to the monster lifestyle, which is triggered by a tragedy in his life.

Margo Hayden

The sister of David, and also a shape-shifter, she attempts to become the new head of this monster family.

Violent Durant

TVLine reports a possible love story with this character, who, as a werewolf, falls for David despite the fact that he is part of a rival family.

Julian Durant

Durant will be cast as Ennis’ arch-nemesis (because it’s not like all the other monsters in Chicago won’t already be).

Freddie Costa

Costa will play a family friend of Ennis.

Image: Tumblr