Zoella Beauty Is Finally Coming To The States

by Kali Borovic

It's time to get excited, beauty lovers! Zoella Beauty is coming to the United States, which means you can finally shop Zoe Suggs' whimsical creations much easier. Where can you shop the adorable line? Well, instead of shopping her range of bath and beauty products online, soon you'll be able to pick them up in stores too.

If you're not one of her ten million subscribers on YouTube, you might not be familiar with Suggs. Not only does she vlog like crazy and give the best beauty advice, she has her own range of products as well. It's filled with soaps and bath bombs, makeup bags and diffusers — so basically it's everything you could ever need for a relaxing night in. Now's the perfect time to get familiar with her too, because Zoella Beauty finally coming to a store near you.

Now instead of hoping and praying that your beauty products get to you all the way from across the pond with no breakage, you can simply grab Zoella Beauty products from your local American Eagle or Tillys. Considering Suggs' creations are all so adorable, this is great news.

There's no set date to when the line will be arriving in stores yet. According to the brand's Instagram post it's sometime soon, so that could mean you can scoop 'em up just in time for summer. Zoella Beauty just recently announced on social media that they are expanding to Spain and Canada as well.

I see no better way to get ready for the big US launch than to stalk the site and figure out exactly which products you want. Here are some beauty finds that you'll definitely want to grab when the line hits stores.

1. Soap On A Stick

Zoella Beauty Soap Pop Fragranced Soap On A Stick, $7, F eelUnique

Tell me this isn't the most adorable soap packaging you've ever seen.

2. Sticker Makeup Bag

Zoella Beauty Sticker Me! Beauty Bag, $14, F eelUnique

This isn't your average makeup bag. Suggs created quirky little stickers that come with each bag, so you can design it any way you'd like.

3. Solid Fragrance

Zoella Beauty Blissful Mistful Solid Fragrance, $7, FeelUnique

Along with her spray perfumes, Zoella also has this heart-shaped solid fragrance as well.

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4. Room Diffuser

Zoella Beauty Hey Roomie! Room Diffuser, $17, F eelUnique

The line even has a few non-beauty items as well, like this room diffuser.

5. Travel-Sized Beauty Bag

Zoella Beauty Favourite Things Beauty Bag, $11, FeelUnique

Does it get any cuter than this? The bright pink bag is perfect to store all your favorite on-the-go beauty finds.

Oh, wait. The back gets even cuter when you flip it over.

6. Fizz Bar

Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar Fragranced Bath Fizz , $13, Amazon

A bubble bath meets bath bomb meets oil in this little bar.

7. Body Scrub

Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruity Scrubbing Me Softly Smoothing Body Scrub, $13, A mazon

You'll have to act fast if you want this product, because her Titti Fruity line is soon being discontinued.

I can't wait to be able to shop these yummy scents in-store!

Images: ZoellaBeauty/Instagram (1), Courtesy Brands (8)