Venmo Is Making A Major Change To Its Service

Good news for all the brunch parties of five zillion out there: soon you'll be able to use Venmo to pay in select apps on your phone, as easily as you can use stored credit card information. It will be as simple as using a service like a food delivery or retail app, reaching the payment section, and selecting that you want to pay through Venmo — no hassle with running all your information in or scrambling to go find your credit card. And while it's true that a lot of us are already user-savvy enough to have our credit card information seamlessly added to our phones, the Venmo service comes with the extra perk of letting you divide the bill with friends right on the spot. No more awkward aftermath where you wait each other out on who's going to pay or who's going to charge and whether or not you have used the socially acceptable number of emoji to massage the awkwardness of exchanging money!

While only a select number of users are able to use the function right now, it will soon be rolling out to the rest of the platform. So far the apps Munchery (a food delivery app) and Gametime (an app for sports and concert tickets) have partnered with Venmo to test the new service. Using it is as simple as using any other kind of payment platform on your phone. For instance, when you find some grub on Munchery, it'll look like this:

The information about how much you paid will then be stored in Venmo, on a "Purchases" tab on the left menu. You can select your "Purchases" to see your history, open up whatever it is you bought, and split the cost among other Venmo users quickly and easily.

If you're really ~feeling~ whatever it was you bought or split up with your friends, you can share it to your feed to publicly sing its praises, like your own personal Yelp feed. Anything for an excuse to use gratuitous pizza and taco emoji, y'all.

The feature is still in beta mode right now, but will be rolling out to other users soon, including more partnered apps that users can pay using Venmo. Basically, ordering food in just got way too easy for your bank account ... but at least you'll be among friends.

Images: Courtesy of Venmo