Who Is The Richest 'RHOC' Star?

The women on Real Housewives of Orange County compete over pretty much everything possible. They've fought about acting roles in TV shows that never even made it to air, many of them are trying to sell their own alcohol lines. Basically, they all do whatever they can to be the the top Real Housewife — or at least seem like they're on top. It makes me wonder: Which lady is actually the richest Real Housewives of Orange County star.

It's hard to tell just from watching. RHOC is a weird franchise because it's not as if they all actually live in the same neighborhood. Orange County is a pretty broad radius, so a big mansion in one area might cost half as much as it would in another.

Then, there's Vicki Gunvalson, who is either talking about her job or just waiting for a chance to bring it up. She never stops bragging about how much she works or how good she is with money, so it would make a lot of sense for her to have the most cash to her name, right?

Well, irony is in full force with this one. Heather Dubrow appears to be the richest RHOC lady. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she is worth an estimated $30 million. (In contrast, the always ostentatious Vicki Gunvalson has an estimated net worth of $7 million, according to the site.)

It does actually make sense, though. A woman with the nickname "Fancy Pants" should be super rich. It's only fitting. I'm just kind of confused since it seems like Heather is a stay-at-home mom who does acting jobs on the side. Where is this estimated $30 million coming from?

Reality TV

Obviously, Heather is a cast member on Real Housewives of Orange County. There aren't any recent figures available, but Heather reportedly earned $30,000 for her first season on RHOC, according to Radar Online, and I'm sure that her salary has increased since then — at the time, Radar Online reported that the other O.C. Housewives were making six figures. Not only that, but Heather also stars in Botched: Post Op with her husband Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif.


Heather has 19 acting credits on IMDb for roles ranging from cameos to guest spots to leading roles.


Heather is the host of her own podcast called Heather Dubrow's World (of course), which is broadcast on PodcastOne. Her show airs once a week for about an hour.


It was only natural that Heather and her plastic surgeon husband would come out with a skincare line. The line is called Consult Beaute, is sold on Evine, and there are over 35 different products.


The Real Housewife is always down for a glass of champagne, so it makes sense that she has her own brand. She named it Colette after her daughter and you bet that she is promoting it and racking in sales all over the country.


Heather and her husband Terry work very well together and now they're authors. The Dubrows have a new book in which they give their take on cosmetic procedures and treatments that they've tried themselves called Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig Present the Only Guide You'll Need to the Best Anti-Aging Treatments.

On top of all the business ventures that Heather has going for herself, she is also married a to wealthy plastic surgeon/reality star. Sorry, Vicki Gunvalson, Heather seems to be the queen of the O.C. when it comes to dollars.