"Wolf In My Hall" Was Fake?! No Way!

The cycle of internet hoaxes is a quick one and it's only getting quicker now that everyone is starting to realize the crazy things going viral online might just be planted there as tricks. Last week, it was Dumb Starbucks which lasted for a couple days before comedian Nathan Fielder came forward and said it was a joke. Now, reportedly Jimmy Kimmel is behind the wolf in Sochi video that only came to popularity this morning.

In the video, which was posted on YouTube by Kate Hansen from the U.S. Olympic luge team, a wolf is shown walking down what appears to be a hotel hallway. Hansen wrote for the description of the video, "I'm pretty sure this is a wolf wandering my hall in Sochi." The video is titled "Epic #SochiFail: Wolf in my hall."

Like many Americans, I tend to watch the Today show while I get dressed in the morning (don't judge!) and on Thursday's episode the anchors talked about the video. They said that they doubted it was actually wolf and was rather just a large dog. A huge dog was roaming a hotel hallway should still be a concern, but we are all too jaded at this point. If it ain't confirmed as a wolf, we don't care. This view was echoed by other newscasters including Time Contributor Cliff Judy who said that the dog was more likely a Siberian husky or Alaskan malamute. It's still a STRAY DOG IN A HOTEL!!! But now it seems there was no wolf or dog at all.

According to Inside Edition, Jimmy Kimmel planned the hoax with Hansen and she will appear on his show Thursday night via Skype. Inside Edition claims to have gotten their information from a publicist for the United States Luge Association, Sandy Caligiore.

This is not the first time Kimmel has been involved with a viral video hoax. In September, Kimmel revealed he was behind the "Worst Twerk Fail EVER" video. Dammit, Kimmel! No one is going to believe anything anymore!