11 Classic Tattoos For People Who Don't Do Trendy

When putting something permanently on your body, it can be understandable that you don't want to deal with something that's trending or swept up in a fad. If you're one of those people that would prefer something timeless, there are plenty of classic tattoo ideas to choose from. After all, the whole point of a trend is to be fleeting. You probably don't want something that will feel dated on your body for ever and ever. It feels novel and fresh and inspired for the first five minutes that it's around, and then it gets swept away and replaced with something much cooler. Unless you really love the look or idea, it's probably not the most solid idea to go that route.

But now the question is, what exactly is a classic tat? Is it just roses and skulls, or literature quotes and hearts with the word 'mom' scrawled on the inside? I suppose classic can mean a variety of different things to different people, but the one common theme holding them together is that they proved the test of time. So if you're in the market for a timeless one of your own, here are some ideas. Below are 11 classic tattoo ideas to choose from!

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1. A Wave

A minimalist wave like this one can symbolize many things to different people, which is why it's so classic. It can tip its hat to your love for the coast or for the water, or it can remind you to stay peaceful and calm. And it's clean, pen-stroke design won't ever feel dated, no matter where you put it on your body.

2. A Minimalist Arrow

Always pointing you forward, never backward. An arrow can remind you which way you need to keep heading, and its simple look will stay timeless no matter how many trends come and go.

3. A Simple Band

It's minimalist and clean, yet still gives an impact. Think of it as the updated, millennial tribal tattoo.

4. A Sprig Of Rosemary

Instead of doing the often-picked rose, why don't you go a different direction and opt for a sprig of rosemary. It's still as feminine and romantic as the rose, and just as classic.

5. Dandelion Stalk

Dandelion symbolize wishes, dreams, change, and fairy tales. And the unfussy design promises to stay timeless no matter how the fads and trends change.

6. Say It With A Heart

Hearts and flowers were always classic tattoo ideas, but bring them together and you have something truly beautiful and eye-catching. And the cool thing with this design is that you can make it as big or as small as you need it to be.

7. A Mandala

Whether or not you've made your way to India, the mandala works as a tattoo for a number of reasons. Not only does it offer blessings and protections, but it's always a winner with its symmetry and geometric curves.

8. Sailor Tattoos

Ships and sea monsters have been popular a popular pic at the tattoo parlor for hundreds and hundreds of years. You can't get more classic than that! While you might not be weathering storms and discovering gold, you can channel that exciting life with some ink.

9. A Secret Message

Simple, timeless, but full of meaning, a Morse code tattoo is a really cool idea and one you won't grow bored of quickly. That and only you knowing what it means is an awesome secret.

10. A Bloom

Let your rib cage bloom with a big bold roses or peonies or whatever your favorite flowers are.

11. Handwritten Tat

Whether it's in your mom's, dad's, grandma's, grandpa's, or who ever means the most to you handwriting, getting a message scrawled in their penmanship will always be meaningful to you. Whether it's just an "I love you" or a reminder, the sentiment will be timeless.

If fads or quick moving trends are your thing when it comes to getting inked, don't worry. There are obviously so many classic alternatives!

Images: heartshapedtattoos/Instagram