9 Glitter Lipsticks That'll Make Your Lips Shine

by Gina Jones 2

From liquid lipsticks to pout enhancers, lips have been the most talked about part of the face for quite some time. So, what's the best thing to do when something's getting a lot of attention? Throw glitter on it, of course. Finding glitter lipsticks is often harder than it sounds, though, especially since most glitter lip tutorials will often use loose glitter that is then set on the lip — a trying task I've indulged in previously. But have no fear: Glitter lipsticks exist both in liquid and solid form, so get ready to find the perfect lippie for your sparkle needs.

The best sparky lipsticks I have scouted out come in all different kinds of glitter: From metallic, to a little shiny, to a whole load of shimmer, these lipsticks can take you from casual adoration of sparkle to perfectly pigmented and party-ready. Either way, you should be totally set. In an era of metallic mattes and a growing appreciation of all things kitsch, there are few better things than a sparkly mouth.

Some of these products are well known, extensively written about, and adored; some are created by independent brands, but deserve some limelight; and some are just sorely underrated. But if you're looking for a particularly glittery shade, they'll all have you covered.

1. OCC Lip Tar

OCC Lip Tar in Black Metal Dahlia, $16, Amazon

I cannot rant or rave enough about how amazing OCC's lip tars are, and this vampy, sparkly dark red is the perfect one for a red glitter lip.

2. Ka'oir Glitzstick

Ka'oir Glitzstick in Love U, $29, Kaoir

By applying the glitter on top of the lipstick, the Glitzstick will let you create as intense or subtle a lip as you'd like.

3. LA Splash Lip Lustre

LA Splash Lip Lustre in Catrina, $14, LA Splash

This alien-esque shade is perfect for any alt babes out there.

4. Portland Black Lipstick Company

Lux Et Voluptas Lipstick, $14, Portland Black Lipstick Co

Coming in a lip balm container, this lippie is easy to apply and will give you all the glitter you could ask for.

5. NYX Round Lipstick

Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Galaxy, $2, NYX Cosmetics

NYX is one of my all-time favorite budget beauty brands. For only $2, this gold lipstick is a necessity.

6. Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint

Matte Lip Paint in Blue Dragon, $17, Coloured Raine

This beautiful blue hue is a gorgeous antidote to the nude lips we've been seeing everywhere recently.

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7. Color Pop Satin Luxe Lip

Satin Luxe Lip in Boogie, $5,

A bright reddish purple dusted with turquoise glitter is a more subtle look for your lips, but a perfect way to inject sparkle into your everyday look.

8. Stargazer Glitter Lipstick

Glitter Lipstick in Glitter Gold, $5.10,

If you were ever an emo kid in the UK, you likely know all about Stargazer products. The alt makeup brand of my youth, I'll always have a soft spot for this company and its sparkly creations.

9. Magnolia Makeup Ultra Matte Lips

Ultra Matte Lips in Diamonds and Pearls, $16,

This lip color is totally divine and limited-edition, so get your hands on it before it's too late.

For more glitter fun, you can check out each company to find other colors — glittery or otherwise — that might appeal to your specific style. But for a head-start on your glitter lip journey, trust in me: A Queen Of Sparkle.

Images: Courtesy Brands