Why You'll Love Moringa Oil For Skin Care

Moringa oil may seem like a newcomer in skincare, but the medicinal properties of the so-called "Miracle Tree" have earned its place in history. When applied topically, moringa oil hydrates skin while sharing its healing properties to solve a number of skin issues. This is a lightweight, odorless, fixed oil that goes on smooth and retains moisture without leaving your skin feeling greasy.

The moringa tree is cultivated in tropical climates; the oil is extracted from primarily the seeds, but also the bark and leaves are used as well. Typically, if you're purchasing an oil specifically for beauty, the oil will come from the seeds because they contain minerals and vitamins A, B, and C. According to sources at Livestrong, deficiencies in vitamins B and C can lead to pigmentation issues while vitamin A promotes healthy skin tissue necessary for keeping the skin firm. Moringa oil keeps the glow in mature skin while healing and preventing acne. It's antioxidant and antibacterial properties make the oil idyllic as it's considered antiseptic.

I purchased my oil for these recipes from True Moringa; they offer a pure, cold-pressed oil from the seeds of the tree that preserves the integrity of the oil. Plus, I give them major bonus points for giving Ghanaian farmers opportunity, training, and fair wage! Once you've found a source to purchase pure moringa oil, you can do pretty much any of these recipes with ease.

1. Night Serum

Moringa oil's vitamin content is one of the reasons it's used in anti-aging products. It smoothes fine lines and prevent wrinkles while hydrating skin. For this serum, you'll need a 1 oz tinted bottle with a droplet. Using a funnel or very steady hand, add just under an ounce of moringa oil to the bottle, filling only to the curvature of the bottle. Add two drops of rose otto essential oil, six drops of frankincense essential oil, and eight drops of lavender essential oil. Seal the bottle and gently shake. Apply nightly on damp skin.

2. Smoothing Serum For Hair

My baby hairs are always a source of conflict when I'm styling my strands. They lay down naturally almost never and can't handle the heavier oils like the rest of my denser curls. Luckily, moringa oil adds strength to fragile hair without weighing it down. Apply a small amount on your styling tool, like a rat tail comb or toothbrush, and gently smooth down the hairs that are giving you trouble.

3. Body Oil

Moringa oil is one of the more costly fixed oils, but that doesn't mean you should deprive yourself of its rich nutrients. Combine an affordable, lightweight carrier like apricot seed oil with moringa oil and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to infuse a daily body oil for after bathing.

4. Control Split Ends & Frizzies

Split ends can turn a good day into a very bad hair day. While any emollient can keep them under control, applying moringa oil to smooth hair can treat damaged ends without leaving them weighed down. To control frizz, add moringa oil to a spray bottle with filtered water and spritz your flyaways away. Seriously, this stuff is the greatest.

Images: Kristin Collins Jackson (6)