One Of Trump's SCOTUS Picks Is A Twitter God

by Amée LaTour

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump released a list of 11 potential nominees to the Supreme Court on Wednesday, May 18. Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett is on that list. Willett was appointed to his position in 2005 by Rick Perry, then-governor of the Lone Star state, and re-elected twice, reported Texas Tribune. Before serving on the court, Willett worked for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a conservative think tank. But Trump's possible Supreme Court nominee pick is anything but "conservative" on Twitter in the sense that he rarely (if ever) holds back how he's really feeling. And, to be honest, the results are surprisingly hilarious.

Willett's Twitter feed is a delightful and steady-flowing barrage of humor and commentary on everything from work, family, politics, and everyday life. While the 49-year-old's dad jokes, frequent bitmoji use, and witty GIF/text combinations are worth taking in on their own, one of the absolute best features of Willett's Twitter account is the fact that he has been using it over the past year to express his utter disdain for — wait for it, wait for it! — Trump.

Come with me on a guided tour of some of Willett's funniest tweets. This is only a taste of what Willett's serving up, so do yourself a favor and follow this man on Twitter.

Willett The Father

Willett's three children (Shane-David, Jacob, and Genevieve) give him plenty of material to work with:

Willett On Everyday Life

Willett has the skill to make the mundane highly enjoyable — and tweetable.

Willett The Judge

Willett must take his job as judge seriously to have come as far as he has professionally. After all, he earned a spot on a Supreme Court nomination list! I judge his job-related tweets to be seriously funny.

Willett On Trump

And, the moment we've all been waiting for: Willett's tweets about the guy who put him on a list for Supreme Court nominee: Donald freaking Trump.

Someone call the burn unit. And the best for last, from June 2015:

Trump likely released his potential nominee list in May in an effort to appear more credible to establishment Republicans as he approaches the nomination. Willett's appearance on that list, in conjunction with his twitter-trolling of Trump, might not exactly help The Donald's cause.

In the days and weeks following Trump's release of his SCOTUS picks, we're sure to learn more about their political leanings, experience, and judicial records. Based only on Willett's twitter record, we can be sure he's a good judge of what's funny and what's not.