Kylie's Exposed Lip Kit Is Being Restocked Soon

From glosses to mattes, Kylie Cosmetics has cornered the market on celebrity lip products. With nine different Lip Kits, three glosses, and three metal mattes, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has been hard at work, but when is Kylie Jenner's 'Exposed' Lip Kit being restocked? The latest shade in the Jenner Lip Kit army sold like hot cakes when it launched last week, and everyone has been eagerly awaiting an announcement regarding its return to the Internet. Good news: It turns out fans of the Kylie Cosmetics brand won't have to wait long.

Ever since Jenner released her original three Lip Kits back in November of last year, she's been skillfully using social media to tease everything from restocks to new shades (and even a music video!). Basically, she's taken the Internet and made it her own personal marketing tool, and it has completely worked. Each restock and subsequent release has sold out in well under twelve hours, and the demand is still astronomically high. Add in rumors that Jenner is releasing eye makeup products, and you've got fans and makeup addicts practically stalking her social channels.

Now, Jenner has taken to her social media again to announce that all Kylie Cosmetics products are restocking on Thursday, and it'll include the latest release, Exposed. The vague Snapchat message was unclear about when this would be happening, but thanks to insiders and the beautiful world of social media, we now know when the Exposed restock will happen.

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The Exposed Kylie Lip Kit is restocking on Thursday according to TrendMood. Currently, there is no mention of what time the restock will actually occur, though. Jenner, however, has a tendency to announce Lip Kit restock times on her website in order to give the specifics to her fans.

As of Wednesday, there has been no word of the time, but Jenner is notorious for amping up anticipation by releasing the news 24 hours before the restock itself happens. That means you'll need to keep an eye on her site to know just when to snag Exposed.

Looks like it's that time again to stalk Jenner's social media channels! However, to me, the real question isn't when will Exposed be restocked. It's when will Jenner tease another Lip Kit color! After all, she did say more Lip Kits shades were coming. Looks like we'll just have to wait and see.