Louis Tomlinson Gives Justin the Worst Advice

This One Direction-er has some words for the original Belieber, but Louis Tomlinson's advice to Justin Bieber is ill-advised. One Direction was asked about their fellow musician at the BRIT Awards last night and while most of the band stayed silent, Tomlinson offered this advice: "Keep strong, and keep doing what you're doing." Everybody knows that's pretty much the worst advice in the history of ever.

Bieber was most notably arrested last month for driving under the influence and spent the night in jail. But his path leading up to that event wasn't much better. Between allegedly egging his neighbor's house and illegally spray painting buildings in Brazil, Bieber's been having a rough time and everyone can see he needs a change.

It's clear that Tomlinson was put on the spot by the question as he first tried to pass it to his bandmate Zayn Malik for comment saying, "Uh, Zayn did you...?" but Malik stayed silent and just shook his head slightly so Tomlinson ended up just giving Bieber a message himself. It's possible that Tomlinson just doesn't know what Bieber has been up to lately, but if he does and gave that advice anyway, that's pretty disappointing.

But some have suggested that perhaps the advice was a joke, and that Tomlinson was actually mocking Bieber. Tweets from his account seem to corroborate this story. After Bieber briefly changed his Instagram name to "Bizzle" last week, Tomlinson posted a series of tweets that seemed to be making fun of the musicians new moniker.

Still, jokes aside, Louis Tomlinson's advice is pretty misguided, and we hope Bieber doesn't take the endorsement seriously.