Who Is On Board EgyptAir Flight MS804?

An EgyptAir passenger flight traveling from Paris to Cairo has gone missing early Thursday morning, according to EgyptAir's Twitter account. The flight, MS804, lost contact with its radar over Greece at 2:45 a.m. Cairo time, just 10 miles after entering Egyptian airspace. The plane had been in flight for three hours and 40 minutes since it had lifted off from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. Who is on board EgyptAir flight MS804? The Airbus A320 passenger jet had "just vanished," according to Ehab Mohy el-Deen, head of Egypt's air navigation authority. The flight was missing for more than four hours around 1:20 a.m. EST. Update: On Thursday morning, Egyptian aviation officials confirmed with the Associated Press that the EgyptAir plane has crashed. The officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity with AP, said the "possibility that the plane crashed has been confirmed," since flight MS804 never arrived at any of the airports. The officials told AP they will now be searching for debris from the plane.

According to EgyptAir, 66 people are aboard the flight, including 10 crew members, one child, and two babies. It is uncertain as of yet whether the passengers were of a particular tour group, given the small number of persons on board. AP reported that according to Ihab Raslan, a spokesman for the Egyptian civil aviation agency, and his report to SkyNews Arabia, the plane likely crashed into the sea.

Thus far, however, information is uncertain and nothing is confirmed, so conflicting reports may arise until details are made more clear. The number of passengers on board was updated from 69 to 66 persons since the initial report.

According to The Guardian, the plane entered Egyptian airspace when it vanished from radar. The airline believed it was 10 miles — or 16 kilometers — inside Egyptian airspace when contact was severed.

According to a recent report from EgyptAir, the nationalities of the passengers on the flight (not including staff) are 30 Egyptian citizens, 15 French citizens, two Iraqi citizens, and one passenger each from Great Britain, Belgium, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Chad, Portugal, Algeria, and Canada.

For those seeking information regarding family, friends, or loved ones of passengers on the flight, EgyptAir is offering toll-free numbers to call. For landline users, the number is 080077770000. For mobile phone users, or those outside of Egypt, the toll-free number to dial for information is +202 25989320.

Although the whereabouts of the flight and who specifically was on board are unknown as of yet, it is all but confirmed that flight MS804 did not radio in or lose altitude — it simply disappeared. Additionally, in an effort to locate the flight, Greece has deployed both frigate and military aircraft to the Southern Mediterranean Sea.

At this time, embassies in both Paris and Cairo are at work to aid families of passengers, and EgyptAir is hosting passengers' families near to Cairo Airport, in addition to offering doctors, translators, and crisis center services. EgyptAir will continue to update with further information.