Brody & Brandon are Donezo?

Consider my Thursday ruined: According to Radar Online, Brody and Brandon Jenner are donezo (a word I use on the reg, but is especially fitting here. Because Kristin Cavallari. Because The Hills. Because Brody was on The Hills. You feel me? Hashtag memories) with Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Allegedly, they've told producers that they're over it and want to sever Kardashi-ties. NOOOOOO!!!!! But what will we/I do without their beautiful locks? Oh, you’re right. The Kardashian sisters and Jenner sisters have plenty o’ gorgeous hair to go around. I will make do (HAIR PUN INTENDED).

Note to self: figure out what the Kardashians and Jenners use on their hair. Their coifs are so freakin’ RIGHT.

According to a source, the brothers “have absolutely zero interest in appearing on the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which is currently being filmed.” Why?!?! Oh, maybe the Kris and Bruce separation thing has something to do with it. Or maybe they’re just donezo (there it is again) with reality TV altogether.

OR MAYBE! They're leaving because they plan on bringing back Princes of Malibu . A girl can dream!

Recently, a rumor sprouted up that Bruce Jenner (Brody and Brandon's dad) was through with the series, but it was quickly squashed. Maybe this Brody/Brandon story will be squashed, too? IDK.