'Rich Kids' Star Jonny's Net Worth Is Pretty High

Any show that allows me to be living vicariously through people of great wealth, I am definitely on board with. Fortunately, E! has fulfilled my need to be luxurious with its hit reality series, Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills. One thing that's kind of shocking is that these kids actually work for their money for the most part. Sure, they all have family wealth in excessive amounts, but they seem to want to forge their own path to making money as well. Star Jonny Drubel has definitely created his own lifestyle, and isn't comfortable simply living off of family money. So, what is Jonny Drubel's net worth?

Well according to celebritynetworth.com, Jonny is worth approximately $800,000. I would say that that is not a bad amount of cash to have in your wallet. There is not a lot of information about his parents or their means of amassing their own money, but Jonny told The Backlot in 2013, "I'm very East Coast. We kind of go by the rule, 'If you have money, don't talk about it.'" That's kind of a refreshing attitude for someone in reality TV, where it seems like everyone wears their net worth on their sleeves.

So how has Jonny amassed his fortune? Well, he has been in aspiring singer and songwriter for a long time. Recently he has shifted more into songwriting because he seems to be getting some serious success in it. He's also recently been seeing success as a DJ, because he's obviously insanely multitalented in the music field.

While he could easily never have to truly work in his life, Jonny has said that he doesn't see himself as too good to work for his money. In an interview with Wetpaint, he said that he's been working since he was 16, and his first job was scooping ice cream at Ben & Jerry's. He may have a seriously wealthy family, but he's not content to sit back and simply live off of his parents' riches. He's really making a name for himself in a field that he is passionate about.

Jonny's drive, passion, and his desire to make his own fortune is super endearing. He lives luxuriously because he made a name for himself through hard work. I feel like that makes me want to watch his amazing life on Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills even more.