The 8 Best Bras for Big Boobs, Because I Feel Your Pain

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My search for the best bras for big boobs has spanned my whole pre-teen and adult life. I've been seeking to hide, minimize, and distract from my big breasts ever since I quite suddenly sprouted to a C-cup as a 13-year-old midwestern middle school student. I've since grown to a 32DD, and in the intervening 17 years have tried all manner of rack-control techniques, à la Christine Ricci in Now & Thensports bras, snug tank tops layered underneath all of my clothes, "full-figure" bras special-ordered online that had more complex infrastructure than a suspension bridge. After much research, many dollars spent, and lots of trial and error, my boob-management game is on point.

I generally seek out bras that hold everything in place, create a smooth line underneath a snug T-shirt, and disguise rather than emphasize my chest in a way that makes my clothes fit better and my figure look pretty well-proportioned rather than busty and top heavy. It took a long time to realize that I could achieve these goals while wearing bras that were comfortable, sexy, and even lacy. After, er, breast-driving dozens of options over the years, here are 8 of the best bras for women with big breasts.

Image: Huit Equivoque

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