The 8 Best Bras for Big Boobs, Because I Feel Your Pain

My search for the best bras for big boobs has spanned my whole pre-teen and adult life. I've been seeking to hide, minimize, and distract from my big breasts ever since I quite suddenly sprouted to a C-cup as a 13-year-old midwestern middle school student. I've since grown to a 32DD, and in the intervening 17 years have tried all manner of rack-control techniques, à la Christine Ricci in Now & Thensports bras, snug tank tops layered underneath all of my clothes, "full-figure" bras special-ordered online that had more complex infrastructure than a suspension bridge. After much research, many dollars spent, and lots of trial and error, my boob-management game is on point.

I generally seek out bras that hold everything in place, create a smooth line underneath a snug T-shirt, and disguise rather than emphasize my chest in a way that makes my clothes fit better and my figure look pretty well-proportioned rather than busty and top heavy. It took a long time to realize that I could achieve these goals while wearing bras that were comfortable, sexy, and even lacy. After, er, breast-driving dozens of options over the years, here are 8 of the best bras for women with big breasts.

Image: Huit Equivoque

by Julie Alvin

B.Tempt'd Full Bloom Underwire

The full coverage cup keeps your silhouette smooth under a t-shirt and the sheer lace and keyhole detail make it sexy when you’re wearing almost nothing at all.

Full Bloom Underwire, $35, Amazon

Bali Glam

This bra holds everything so securely in place, so high up and front and center, that I imagine this is what it’s like to have awesome breast implants. Wear with a deep v-neck and let the lace peek out.

Bali Glam Back-Smoothing Minimizer Bra, $43, Amazon

Moving Comfort Fiona

As someone who used to wear a minimizer bra UNDERNEATH her sports bra when going to the gym, I know how hard it is to find support that’s adequate for exercising. This bra is comfortable, affordable, and cute, and the velcro straps are easily adjustable.

Moving Comfort Women’s Fiona Bra , $48, Amazon

Olga Today's Minimizer

This ultra-comfortable bra manages to minimize breasts without being dowdy, and the thick band and modified racer back make it especially supportive. I feel like a B-cup when I put this on.

Olga Today’s Tapestry Minimizer Bra, $36, Amazon

Huit Equivoque

I’d always wanted to be able to wear those lacy, silky, flimsy bras that smaller-chested women wore, and the first time I tried on a Huit bra it was a revelation. How could a garment that looked like this and felt this feather-light still offer me the support I needed? Next up on my Huit splurge list? Their Broadway, Manhattan, and Mrs. Wang underwire bras. Could they be prettier?

Huit Equivoque Balconnet Full-Cup Bra, $64, Journelle

Huit Faussement

Continuing to preach the gospel of Huit — buy a couple of these in nude and a couple in black and you’re pretty much set for life. The cup (go for the non-molded one) is soft and silky, the straps can be switched to a racerback, and the little patch of mesh at the center keeps it sexy.

Huit Faussement Nue Full-Cup Bra, $26, Nancy Meyer

Wacoal Seamless Underwire

This bra specifically caters to “full-busted” women like myself, who have a rib cage measurement of 34 or below and a cup size of DD or above. It’s a workhorse bra — nothing particularly exciting about it, but it does a stellar job of holding everything in place seamlessly.

Wacoal Casual Beauty Full-Busted Seamless Underwire Bra, $50, Nordstrom

Freya Plunge Balcony Bra

On the other end of the spectrum, there is nothing subtle or tight t-shirt-friendly about this sheer, lacy brassiere. You’ll spill out of this thing like Jessica Paré in a GQ photo shoot, so I’d recommend saving it for the bedroom — but it sure looks hot.

Freya Monochrome Jungle Fever Plunge Balcony Bra, $42, Amazon