7 Traits Of Couples Who Laugh A Lot

Whether you think it's the best medicine, the best stress reliever, or just the best, laughing is undeniably important. And it's not just important for you— laughing benefits relationships, too. In fact, I would say that it's a non-negotiable in relationships. Only once have I dated someone who didn't have a good sense of humor and, needless to say, it didn't last long. He took everything so seriously that every interaction and conversation just felt flat and forced.

And while couples who laugh together, stay together, understanding someone's sense of humor and feeling comfortable enough to crack jokes yourself may take time when you're starting off. When you're first getting to know someone, you're nervous, you're not sure when they're joking (who hasn't horribly misread the tone of a text?), and you may not be comfortable enough to let loose just yet. You don't have to have an identical sense of humor with your partner, you just have to be relaxed enough to let your sense of humor show, and then let them meet you halfway.

Here are seven traits of couples who laugh a lot, because I think it's the only couple you want to be in.

1. They're Irreverent

Laughing means not taking things too seriously— and that's a great thing for couples. Because when you're going through a really serious issue or a dark time, being able to laugh in the midst of it will make your lives and your relationship so much better.

2. They Can Laugh At Themselves

Speaking of not taking things too seriously— that includes ourselves. Dating someone who takes themselves too seriously is exhausting. I've done it, and it can be a really joyless experience. Laughing a lot means laughing at yourself— and people who can do that are great partners.

3. They're Really Close

Yup, laughing makes your relationship stronger— science says so. Research from the University of North Caroline looked at 154 participants and found that couples who laugh more together have higher-quality relationships. It makes sense as laughter is such a bonding experience in addition to something that makes you happier— a great relationship combo.

4. They Communicate

There are lots of different ways to communicate— and humor is definitely one them. Being able to laugh together means having the being able to reach each other and communicate using humor. And connecting on that level helps your communication more generally.

5. They Are Happier

Laughter makes you so much happier for about a million different reasons — it relieves stress, release endorphins, boosts your immune system. That all means happier people, which means a happier couple.

6. They're Super Comfortable

Laughing together is amazing and silly and funny, but there's also an element of making yourself vulnerable. Being able to laugh and joke together shows that you're comfortable enough to be ridiculous. And although being weird and goofy together may not seem like that big of a deal, being that comfortable with each other definitely is. It has a huge impact in other areas of your relationship— like trust and communication.

7. They Don't Care What Other People Think

Laughing a lot often involves laughing in some public places. Making fools of yourself in the grocery store should basically be a couples' rite of passage. Going into your own little world even when you're out and about means not giving AF about what anybody else thinks, and is a great way to bond the two of you even closer. Let 'em stare.

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