Big News For The Next Kylie Cosmetics Restock

by Melodi Erdogan

Any beauty fanatic who covets the ever-popular Kylie Cosmetics lip products knows these three things to be true: every new release sells quick, every restock sells quicker, and there's not much notice about when you can buy. With all that said, some fans might be wondering: do Kylie Cosmetics products get restocked all at once? If you're coveting a specific item, or have yet to get your hands on one at all, I have some good news.

Kylie Jenner herself revealed on her App that for the first time ever there will be a complete restock of each and every Kylie Cosmetics product on May 19. According to a screenshot posted by makeup fan account Trendmood1 on Instagram, that restock is happening at 3 PM PST, 6 PM EST. So if you've been lusting for a shade or two (or three!) this might be your chance to finally get all of them at once. The mattes, glosses, and metallics will all be available, making for the "biggest restock in Kylie Cosmetics History."

It might surprise you that in the entire six month history of Kylie Cosmetics, this marks the first time the entire inventory will be back in stock. Jenner has been busy during these six months, growing makeup brand to include nine matte Kylie Lip Kits, three Glosses, three Metal Mattes, two bundles, and one music video. And they've all done wonderfully, so congrats King Kylie!

During that time Jenner has restocked specific items but never once brought everything back all at once. The complete restock today breaks that pattern, and is certainly good news for any shoppers who are still looking for specific shades. But the items are still likely to sell out in minutes.

Don't get me wrong; I think Jenner has been doing a fabulous job at marketing her product, and while I haven't tried them myself, I hear the formula, payoff, and quality is more than worth the trouble. Although, I can imagine the fact that it's taken this long for her line to be completely restocked, especially considering the high demand for her products, might be a little disappointing. Especially if you've been coveting True Brown K for six months now and have never gotten the chance to buy it!

Here's to more complete restocks in your future, Kylie Cosmetics!