How Often Do Kylie Lip Kits Restock?

Kylie Jenner's cosmetics empire is on the rise, and she seems to be aware of its already insane popularity. That's probably why her restocks cause such an Internet frenzy, but exactly how often do Kylie Lip Kits restock? Well, they're coming faster than ever now, and it seems like Kylie Cosmetics is restocking weekly.

Jenner's popular cosmetics company isn't just all about the Kylie Lip Kits, though. The brand has branched out from the eponymous star's signature matte, liquid lipsticks into metal mattes and glosses. So while Jenner continued to release shade after shade of the Lip Kits, she also expanded her takeover of the lip product world.

At the end of March, Jenner released a cryptic Instagram post teasing what would be her Kylie glosses. While there was no confirmation that the post was gloss related, the Internet quickly figured it out. Soon, Jenner not only released the three neutral glosses but debuted a music video in tandem with the launch. Next, came not more Lip Kits but the metal mattes for Coachella. The stunning metallic shades debuted just in time for festival season, and fans were rabid for the new take on Jenner's classic.

With a larger range of products, it seems as though Jenner has made the restocks much more frequent. There's no longer a need to wait patiently and stalk Jenner's social media. Instead, it looks as if there's a method to her restock madness.

On Thursday, Jenner restocked all eight shades of the Lip Kits, but she made sure that fans knew more was to come. According to social media, Jenner is scheduled to restock her metal matte lipsticks only a week after the original liquid lips were restock.

Jenner isn't stopping with her metal mattes, though. On her Snapchat Thursday, Jenner also revealed that glosses would be restocked after the metals. Based on previous patterns, it seems like a weekly occurrence. This means you can expect glosses around the second week of May.

Depending on your favorite Kylie Cosmetics product, you may be waiting for more than the simple week between restocks, but you can seemingly be guaranteed at least one product from Jenner per week, and what's not to love about that?