Behold, A Hot Dudes Eating Hummus Instagram

by Dasha Fayvinova

If you haven't had your fill of attractive men playing with dogs or reading on the subway, rejoice. There is an entire Instagram account dedicated to hot dudes eating hummus. Not only are they obviously very attractive, but they are eating one of the best foods the world has to offer. What more can you really need? Maybe to have all of them be your boyfriends simultaneously. Yup, that would work.

As a person who loves nothing more than men and food combined, this Instagram account and hashtag intrigue me on so many different levels. First of all — where are these men located? From what I have gathered through hours of research, this is an Israeli-based account, showing us the best of what the region has to offer. My second question is — how good is the hummus? I like that we have pictures showing it being eaten, but I am a child of the Internet and I need reviews. Maybe someone can set up an exclusive Yelp page where the hot dudes can post their hummus reviews.

The creators told Bustle that the "Hot Dudes And Hummus" team is made up of four university students from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya in Israel, including Orly Geduld (22, American), and Betty Ilovici (21, Israeli/Romanian), Israel Zari (25, Israeli), and Ayala Lesser (22, Canadian).

"The four of us wanted to create an apolitical branding campaign for Israel to shed some light on the humor, diversity, fun, beauty, and culture that are so vibrant and rich in this country," the team shared with Bustle.

Bustle also spoke with them about the process by which they pick their pictures. Anyone can submit a photo they think deserves to be broadcasted around the globe — all you need to do is email them at The rest is up to them. According to the account, pictures where guys can show a fun side of themselves and are posing with hummus is a recipe for success! I cannot guarantee that you will become famous overnight, but you will be shown love. Especially if you can match this hummus game:

Or maybe you and your friends enjoying being outside and eating delicious food together.

Or you just want to see a man who is comfortable enjoying a little alone time.

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Personally, this man below left caught my heart and tugged at the strings. He's my future husband, and I do not care if he doesn't know it yet. I promise I will do my best to secure that beautiful face in my life.

When Bustle asked the creators of Hot Dudes Eating Hummus which picture really got people's attention, and they said that the account really took off when actress and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik reposted one of their pictures. That's when the ball started rolling and they realized that this could be a game changer.

My real question is, how was this not a thing when I was in high school? This is all that I would have wanted!

OK to be fair, that picture above is all I would have wanted. Sigh...

Images: Courtesy of Instagram/hotdudesandhummus