Mayim Bialik Knows ‘Blossom’ Was A Big Deal, But Fans Might Not Realize The Feminist Reason Why

In any television show, movie, or book that I watch/read, it's important for the characters to be relatable and influential. As a woman, it's paramount for me to see powerful characters representing women in a positive light, all while reshaping society's views on who women are and what they can do. Enter Emmy-nominated actress Mayim Bialik, who has on more than one occasion helped change stigma on women through her acting. Bialik plays inspiring women. You've more than likely seen this on The Big Bang Theory, in which she portrays neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler. However, before then, Bialik was empowering women of all ages as Blossom Russo on the '90s TV series Blossom. "I think it's kind of amazing," she says during a phone interview about fans still identifying with her as Blossom.

Bialik says,

You know, depending on how old you are, you'll either primarily remember me from that [Blossom] or from Big Bang Theory. Blossom was a very positive show and it showed a girl who didn't have to choose between being popular and being smart. We wanted to show a young woman who was able to embrace both of those things as many women can.

Blossom — both the character and the series — holds a special place in the 39-year-old's heart. And why wouldn't it? The NBC comedy, which lasted five seasons, followed Bialik's character as she navigated through her teenage life alongside her best friend, Six (Jenna von Oÿ), and lived with her dad and two brothers (One of whom was played by Joey Lawrence!). Essentially, it was a show about young girls finding their place in a so-called man's world, and following their dreams despite the judgments of others. It proved that girls can be funny, smart, popular, geeky, and more all at once. Women aren't one or the other, and that's what made Blossom truly beautiful.

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For Bialik, "Being one of the first females on a TV show in a lead role is a very special thing, and I was very aware of it back then how hard we had to fight to even get the show to go through, because we were told people won't watch a show about girls. So, remembering that is very special."

The same can be said for her current character on CBS, a role for which Bialik has scored four Emmy nominations. Amy Farrah Fowler is so much more than a quirky woman who isn't ashamed to showcase her love for all things science. Amy stays true to herself and doesn't apologize for being different. The character is a great role model, and Bialik is so thankful for that. "It's a special position to be in," she declares. "It's one of those real blessings of being a scientist [Bialik has a doctorate degree in neuroscience] and getting to play one on TV."

Amy and Blossom have changed TV for the better, and continue to do so. So what would happen if they joined forces and became best friends? Well, Bialik thinks it would be wonderful. "A lot of good things would happen," she says. "Blossom was always exceptionally kind to other people, especially socially inept people [like Amy], but I think it would be good all around."

Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS