What 'Fear TWD' Needs To Embrace In Season 3

Just as Fear The Walking Dead is starting to really move and shake its characters, the second season of the AMC series is unfortunately coming to a brief midseason hiatus. Hopefully, as the "prequel" spinoff speeds towards the timeline of the original series, it will start to feel more it as well. When does Fear The Walking Dead return? Update: AMC announced that Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 will return on Sunday, Aug. 21 at 9 p.m.

Earlier: The series was renewed for Season 3 and will air in 2017 according to Variety — presumably while The Walking Dead is on its midseason hiatus. However, Season 2 is not over yet. The remaining eight episodes will air later in the year. If I were to guess, I'd say that we'll see them in late summer, after Preacher is over but before The Walking Dead returns.

I have truly enjoyed Fear The Walking Dead Season 2, and I have faith that the show will only get more exciting as it continues. However, I can't help but wish that the characters on Fear were able to get some occasional help from the folks over on the original series. What can I say? I just want to see these sweet characters blossom into the post-apocalyptic badasses that they were meant to be! Here is my humble advice for Fear The Walking Dead when it returns.

Lose The Killing Anxiety

I know that this is a hurdle that many characters on The Walking Dead had to cross as well, but I am over people in the apocalypse who are skittish about killing zombies and refuse to accept violence as the reality they live in now. Even in Season 2, this is more the case with Fear. The fact that Madison is trepidatious about her children carrying weapons is holding her back, to be honest.

Explore The Environment

Just like The Walking Dead explores different aspects of Southern cultures, terrain, and institutions, I think Fear The Walking Dead needs to stay off the ground as often as possible and play to its strengths. The can't stay in Baja forever, right? If the entire spin-off took place on the ocean, I would be one happy camper.

Connect The Dots

We all agree that Madison is related to either Rick Grimes, Maggie, or Andrea — right? It's not necessary that Fear and The Walking Dead share blood relations, I know that it would be a Lost like coincidence, but it would be cool nonetheless.

More Religious Imagery

The explorations of religion and philosophy are one of my favorite parts of The Walking Dead. They're practically on an arc right now.

Introduce A Big Bad

From The Governor to Negan, The Walking Dead is all about distinctive villains with distinctive personalities. Unless Strand is the villain all along, which I truly doubt and hope is not the case, Fear doesn't have a major antagonist — the closest we've seen is Jack and his crew. While I'm all for quiet character drama, they're going to have to rally against someone at some point. To be fair, we might need to wait for the Fear The Walking Dead midseason finale to see!

Images: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC; Giphy (5)