11 Snapchat Drawings You Send On The Weekend

by Dasha Fayvinova

When the weekend comes, it's time to #squadup. You worked so damn hard during the week and just when you can't take anymore — the weekend comes. While not every twentysomething is spending the weekend in quite the same way, some very similar patterns emerge across ages, states, and financial brackets. I have gotten a front seat through my Snapchat stories and I think I can summarize them pretty well.

Friday night used to be the start of the weekend in a major way. Come to think of it — Thirsty Thursdays were the real start of the weekend back in college. Now, as a twentysomething with a job and bills, the weekend officially starts on Saturday morning (after you sleep in, of course). #Bless the influx of Jewish immigrants in the late 1800s for having two days off in a row during the week.

Friday nights are now chill-nights-in most of the time. Instead of blowing money on expensive drinks, I use Fridays to wind down from the exhausting work week. Staying in with friends and having movie nights is where it's at! Saturdays are for monster breakfasts and then rallying for a night out. This is the night you and your friends turn into television characters searching for a story to remember for the rest of your lives. Sundays are recuperating days after going crazy the night before. It's the time for catching up with friends and family that do not live close by, and even catching up on some reading. Lazy Sundays are my personal favorites. Below are 11 Snapchat drawings that are every twentysomething on the weekend.

1. Friday: Netflix And Chill

Taking off your bra and laying down on the couch is everything on a Friday night after work.

2. Friday: Game Night

Who needs to drop cash when you can just have a game night with friends? Scattergories are a fan favorite.

3. Saturday: Picking Out Outfits To Go Out

Most of the time you will be asking your friends for outfit advice.

4. Saturday: Obligatory Group Shot

You and your friends look hot. You got on the right outfits and you are ready to party. You will need a picture before leaving because you are still put together as a group.

5. Saturday: Obligatory Alcohol Shot

You mostly take these photos in order to remember just how much you drank that night.

6. Saturday: The Night Club

Since you are in #daclub, you will need to document it and send it out into the world.

7. Sunday: Morning After

Your sheets are a tangled mess and your pillows the greatest escape from a pounding hangover.

8. Sunday: Yoga

You gotta stretch it out after a night of partying. It's a rule.

9. Sunday: Brunch

Obviously the best part of the entire weekend is Sunday brunch. Easily one of the most special times of the week.

10. Sunday: Catching Up

This is the time you choose to call your parents. Hair a mess, makeup smeared, full bellied and enjoying youth. They will appretiate you for this.

11. Sunday: Book Club Wind Down

This will help you wind down from the eventful weekend you just experienced, and become a great conversation topic on Monday morning — where you will pretend to your coworkers for approximately eight seconds that you weren't #PartyHard-ing all weekend long before you all simultaneously confess that you saw each other's Snaps.

Images: Dasha Fayvinova