19 Books To Spend Your Entire Weekend Reading — And Still Have More Fun Than All Your Friends

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When you’ve been working like a dog all week, every moment from Friday afternoon until your alarm goes off on Monday is precious. How you spend those hours of freedom must be perfect; when the dreaded Sunday evening rolls around, you need to have zero regrets. That’s why the minute we’re out of the office doors on Friday night, most of us turn into completely crazed versions of ourselves, on a mission to have as much fun as humanly possible before we’re back at our desk nursing a hangover and trying to stay awake until lunch.

So, I’m not surprised that you’re raising your eyebrows at the idea of devoting your entire weekend to one book. What if it’s bad? What if this is the weekend that all your friends meet Tom Hanks at a bar, and he takes them back to his house and re-enacts the whole of Forrest Gump for them — and you missed it because you were reading some trashy book on the sofa? That could totally happen! On the plus side, it’s free, and you’re broke.

Convinced? Here are 19 books I guarantee you won’t regret spending your entire weekend reading.

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