Here's What People Yell Out In Bed

What do you utter in the throes of ecstasy after orgasm? Maybe it's a simple "YES," your partner's name, an indistinguishable mashup of pleasurable syllables — or something far more random. To get to the bottom of this important question, Twitter users went deep into post-sex commentary with the trending hashtag #ThingsIYellWhenICome.

Although discussing dirty talk and things said mid-sex is pretty common, it's a bit more unusual to discuss your vocalizations following climax. The reason might be because a lot of folks say nothing, but there are others who do let out a torrent of verbiage. Remember that one Sex and the City episode where Charlotte's BF blacked out during orgasm and yelled all kinds of nasty stuff at her? And she tried to get him to stop but he physically couldn't? Yeah. Me neither.

Anyways, the folks on Twitter took this fine opportunity to concoct all kinds of zings, although a few of them likely told the truth about what they exclaim after getting off. If this isn't a great use of time, I don't know what is, because the Internet's true purpose has clearly been realized. Check out what Twitter users yell when they climax:

Images: Unsplash; Twitter