2014 BRIT Awards Fashion: the Bad, the Bad, and the Beyoncé

Source: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Something is rotten in England. Hot on the heels of the always-amazing London Fashion Week, the BRIT Awards happened, wherein hundreds of songsters turned out to accept Britain's equivalent of a Grammy. Maybe it was something in the water, but the fashion was particularly painful this year. Even the pure light of Beyoncé shining down upon us, refracted by the sequins of her mermaid-green dress, could barely save us from the sight of Boy George's bloody eye and way too much visible underwear.

Myleene Klass

I wish I could say, “The visible underwear trend stops here!” but we both know that would be a terrible lie. This is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Jessie J

When life hands you a skintight, sheer, Toxic-era bodysuit and suggests that you pair it with frosted lavender lipstick, YOU SAY NO.

Kylie Minogue

PVC on the red carpet? Heavens to Queen Elizabeth. 

Boy George

Gross. Boy George also took to Twitter afterward to announce that everyone at the BRIT Awards was in the bathroom snorting coke

Lily Allen

This look is a claustrophobe’s nightmare: a sequined turtleneck dress, heavy bangs, and too much spray tan make it hard to breathe. 



Ellie Goulding

Here we have Rapunzel after a few dirty vodka martinis. 

Laura Mvula

There are high-low hemlines, then there are way-too-high-way-too-low hemlines. 

Ella Eyre

Clearly a dropout of the Helena Bonham Carter school of witchy fashion


This look is just so… bad prom decisions. 

Ella Henderson

What is happening with this neckline? Actually, what isn’t happening with this neckline? 

Caroline Flack

This wrinkly little romper just wants to go home.

Katy Perry

For the record, she’s “Katy-Patra” in this shot. 


…and everything’s okay again.