Did Miley Steal Lupita's Man?

Going from an unknown actress to an Oscar nominee seemingly overnight would be shocking for anyone. Suddenly you're invited to tons of events, walking red carpets in designer gowns, and, unfortunately, featured in made up tabloid stories. One actress that is new to all of this is Lupita Nyong'o who joked about Jared Leto dating rumors on the Friday, Feb. 21 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She responds to the rumors in the best way possible.

Nyong'o has recently been said to be dating Leto because the two were "spotted alone together at a table at the intimate Crosby Street Hotel" according to Page Six. Also, they have talked to each other at various events which shouldn't be reason for suspicion since they're just two actors, both nominated for Oscars, and both attending the same award shows and parties.

In her Ellen interivew, Nyong'o talks about buying the New York Magazine issue which featured her on the cover at an airport. "I was trying to be discrete but then the guy behind the counter was like 'Oh my god. You look like her!' And I was like, 'Yeah. Never mind.'" Nyong'o and DeGeneres' conversation then turns to tabloids and DeGeneres brings up Jared Leto. Nyong'o responds, "But I thought Miley Cyrus broke us up? That was the last thing I heard.” Zing!

Leto is rumored to be dating Cyrus, but who knows, that could all be made up as well.

Nyong'o goes on to say, "You know it's crazy because when I read these rumors, I mean, they're so detailed that even I start to question whether they're true or not. I know that I believed them in the past and now I guess I can't believe them anymore." If you've ever read any tabloid stories, you know that it's easy to believe that at least part of the story must be true, so what Nyong'o says makes a lot of sense. It's probably best to follow Nyong'o's rule and not believe any of these rumors. Still keep up with them though, that way you'll be up-to-date when they're awesomely dispelled by people like Lupita Nyong'o.