Ranking The Lonely Island's Best Skits Ever

by Jordana Lipsitz

Saturday Night Live alum Fred Armisen hosted Saturday Night Live on May 21, and while that would've been good enough already, things got even better when more former SNL stars joined the fray: Andy Samberg and his writing pals Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone. The trio known as The Lonely Island returned to SNL for "Finest Girl," a digital short, and the result does not disappoint. This music video features Samberg's new alter ego, Conner4Real, who just so happens to be the protagonist of the upcoming Lonely Island-starring movie, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping , and it's so, so good.

The video, which features Vanessa Beyer as a woman who has a weird obsession with Osama Bin Laden's death, is definitely not my favorite work from The Lonely Island, but it is still pretty great. After watching it, I found myself wanting to revisit some of my favorite oldies but goodies from the group, and I'm sure you will feel the same way after viewing the video, so I've taken the liberty of compiling a list of some of The Lonely Island's very best work. In order of great-but-not-groundbreaking to absolutely amazing, check out these classic tunes and get ready to fall in love with the Lonely Island all over again.

12. "Laser Cats"

I think the thing about the "Laser Cat" saga that makes it so wonderful is how simple and goofy it is. It's almost like what I imagine hanging out with the guys of the Lonely Island would be like.

11. "The Creep"

Honestly, I just love this song for the Nicki Minaj part. The rest of it is, well, creepy.

10. "Jizz In My Pants"

Their weird British-esque accents are so ridiculous, but so perfect.

9. "Hot Rod"

This movie truly had some quotable moments. Who could forget the great whiskey debate?

8. "Motherlover"

Anything that happens with Justin Timberlake in the mix is bound to be good. That guy is a serious triple threat. "D*ck In A Box" is another great example of his collaboration with the Lonely Island (more on that later).

7. "Natalie's Rap"

The boys took backseat to a rap by Natalie Portman in this oldie but goodie. Samberg does backup for Portman's angry rapper, and it's delightful.

6. "Awesometown"

This Fox show written by and starring The Lonely Island got canned before it really had a chance to the ground. But the few moments we got to see were so funny.

5. "YOLO"

"YOLO" re-imagined to mean you only live once so don't do anything dangerous is a hilarious concept. Kendrick Lamar's verse is just the cherry on top.

4. "I Just Had Sex"

The anthem of a generation.

3. "Like A Boss"

I just realized that this video is the reason why the phrase "like a boss" is such a big part of my life. This song revolutionized the phrase. Wow, does anybody else feel greatly humbled?

2. "Dick In A Box"

Another amazing Timberlake collaboration putting sex into the holidays. Bless those boys. Bless 'em.

1. "I'm On A Boat"

Being on actual boat will never be the same again. This music video changed the act of "sailin' on a boat" forever. Recently, the boys did a children's musical instrument version of this song with the Roots and Jimmy Fallon that is delightful.

"Finest Girl" might not be my favorite Lonely Island short, but it's still exciting to see these guys back in action. It will be interesting to see what the crew does with Popstar, in theaters June 3.

Images: NBC (5), Fox (1), Paramount Pictures (1)