How To Celebrate Father's Day 2016 Away From Your Dad

Long-distance relationships are never easy, particularly when that distance is between kids and their parents. And it's especially hard when you're trying to figure out how to celebrate Father's Day when you're not with your dad. Because for most of us, our dads have always been our biggest cheerleaders. They have spent decades supporting us, protecting us, and guiding us to the best of their ability. So even though it's kind of a rite of passage to move away from home and give adulting a try, it's a bummer when holidays cannot be spent alongside your loving parents (because you can usually take advantage of laundry and comfort food without spending a dime, but that's just a bonus).

If you can't make it back home this year for Father's Day, there are still ways to make sure your dad knows how much he means to you. Just take a little time, effort, and some cash, and give dad the best day ever, because he absolutely deserves it. And also because since the day you were born, he's sacrificed more than you could ever know to make sure you're happy and healthy, so it's time to repay a little of that debt. Here's how to properly celebrate Father's Day when your dad is far away.

1. Give him a long video chat


Beyond just making the obligatory phone call, actually take the opportunity to see his happy face by Skyping with Dad for a bit. And if he doesn't know how, give him a lesson in modern technology.

2. Give him a card, and write something especially meaningful inside


He's probably not even going to read what's printed in the card, but he will read what you write. So put something sweet in there. Thank him for everything he's done for you, and continues to do, even though you're an adult now. He'll never stop being your dad, and will never stop trying to take care of you.

3. Give him a later-date visit


Summer is an expensive time to travel, so if you can't make it back for Father's Day, find a cheaper week later on and book a plane, train, or bus ticket to get back and see him. Knowing he'll get to see you at some point will make for a perfect gift.

4. Give him a gift based on your shared interests


My dad is across the country, and we both love baseball, pirates, and The X-Files. I know, my dad is awesome. So I'll probably get something for him based on the things he's taught me, and the memories we've made together with those shared interests. It makes the gift itself so much more meaningful.

5. Give him a retirement-based gift


If he hasn't already retired, then he's counting down the minutes until he can. So invest on his behalf, set up a separate retirement account for him, and contribute to it as the gift. Or give him something he can fully enjoy once he gets that time off.

6. Give him a DIY photo gift


Whether it's a recreated photo from your childhood, or it's a time-lapse collection of selfies from the last few years, or a digital scrapbook, he will love any of them. Giving him a stroll down memory lane will allow him to reminisce about the days when you relied on him completely, and spent all your time together.

7. Give him a relaxation-based gift


He has worked hard to give you a good life, and will continue to do so until the day he retires. So when he isn't working, he should be relaxing. Slippers, a plush robe, a new set of whisky glasses, or anything that encourages more chill time, will be much appreciated.

8. Give him a throne


Because your dad is a king and he has absolutely earned it.

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