Bran Had A Revealing Encounter On 'GoT'

The promo for Sunday's soiree into Westeros showed Bran coming face to face with the Night's King, but his lessons showed us something even more mysterious. Who was the first White Walker on Game of Thrones ? Their origin story is fascinating already.

In Bran's vision, he saw the Children of the Forest, lead by Leaf, "creating" a White Walker by stabbing her knife all the way into a man tied to a Weirwood tree. When Bran woke up, he learned from Leaf that this was a necessity of war. Was this man the Night's King, or just the first White Walker? Are the Children on the same side as the Walkers? Did they create them as a weapon, only to have their experiment gone horribly wrong? That's creepy, though I like the idea that a war has been waging north of the wall that nobody in Westeros has even known about for centuries.

Honestly, I'm not mad that the wights got all stabby on Leaf at the end of the episode. She's clearly not the friendly elf that I thought she was. Unfortunately, that just means that a lot of the questions we have could go unanswered. Or, perhaps, was that man tied to the tree the Raven, and not the Night's King at all? Are the Raven and the Night's King the same person? They shared an interesting moment at the end of the episode too, just before one struck the other down. Was I the only one who noticed that? They are clearly, at least, connected by the Weirwood tree.

One thing is for certain. Now that Bran has begun to learn about the creation White Walkers on Game of Thrones, we might finally figure out what their purpose is in Westeros — and why Bran is so dang important!

Image: courtesy of HBO