The Night's King's Mark Is Bad News On 'GoT'

It has become quite obvious to viewers that Bran is getting too involved in his visions on Game of Thrones. It started to get a little treacherous when he called out to young Ned at the Tower Of Joy and Ned heard him. That should have probably given Bran the message that he was meddling a little bit too heavily in his visions. This week, he took a little trip and ended up in the middle of about a zillion white walkers, including the Night's King. Well, unfortunately for Bran, they all could see him. The Night's King reached right out and touched Bran. When Bran woke up, he had an icy mark where he had been touched and was ordered to leave the cave by the Three-Eyed Raven. But, what does the Night's King mark mean? It certainly isn't good.

The Three-Eyed Raven told Bran that the mark meant that the Night's King would now be looking for him. Well, he was 100 percent correct because, about a second later, the entire White Walker army came to the cave and immediately started ruining everything. Direwolves died (RIP Summer), Children Of The Forest died, and Bran was forced to warg into Hodor in order to make an escape. They escaped, but not before losing sweet Hodor in the process.

Is Bran forever found by the Night's King now? It definitely seems like this isn't over. I don't think the Night's King forgives so easily. That mark might be the end for Bran.

Images: HBO