8 Signs Your Bestie Is The Drew To Your Jonathan Or The Jonathan To Your Drew

In the buddy comedy that is your life, you and your best friend fulfill equal but opposite roles. To put this in HGTV language, one of you is the straight-laced realtor Drew Scott, and one of you is the handy designer Jonathan Scott. And like Jonathan and Drew Scott of Brother Vs. Brother , you and your best friend form a dynamic duo that is both a laugh riot and fun for the whole family.

A few other things that you and your biffle have in common with the Scott brothers: You love to verbally spar, play practical jokes, and perhaps compete with one another every now and then. And while we're used to seeing the bros join forces to sell houses, it's just as fun to see them face off.

Brother Vs Brother (Season 4 airs Wednesdays at 9 on HGTV) follows the pair as they face off in a house-flipping competition to prove, once and for all, who the better brother is. Sure, winning is always the best revenge for that time your friend poured hot sauce on your head, or stuck your bra in the freezer. But deep down, you know that you are each other's respective better halves.

In celebration of the new season of Brother Vs. Brother, we're looking back on a series of indicators that your bestie is the Jonathan to your Drew, and vice versa. Catch Brother Vs. Brother, Wednesdays at 9p/ 8c on HGTV.

1. People Are Always Like, "Hey, Are You Siblings? Or, Are You The Same Person?"

Unlike Jonathan and Drew, you and your bestie probably aren't actual twins. However, that doesn't stop the general public from assuming that you share the same genes. 'Cause while you may be a classic odd couple, you're basically the same person.

2. You Can Always Predict What They're Gonna Do Next

Just by the virtue of spending exorbitant amounts of time with your bestie, you've been unconsciously researching their behavior for years. It's no wonder (just as Jonathan or Drew can predict each other's moves on Brother vs. Brother) that you can tell exactly when your friend will reach for a fry off your plate.

3. One Of You Is The Brains Behind The Operation...

It's a basic tenet of the two-person friendship — one person is the Oscar, and one is the Felix. No buddy duo would be complete without the Drew, aka the business person, the straight man, the one who splits the check...

4. One Of You Is The Brawn...

But the business savvy one would be nothing without the handy one, the visual one, the one who eats the food itemized on the check.

5. You're Sexy As Hell Individually, But Together, You're Distractingly Foxy

When you guys hang out, there is nary a room you don't enter in slow motion, fans blowing, with Whitesnake blaring in the background.

6. You're Constantly Daring Each Other To Do Outlandish Things

Daring each other to do playfully excruciating things is one way to spice things up when you've been friends for such a long time. Sure, you've probably never poured a gallon of hot sauce on your bestie's head, but that doesn't mean that you weren't taking notes when you saw Jonathan do it on Season 3 of Brother Vs Brother.

7. You Have A Choreographed Selfie Routine

If one of you is earnestly cheesin', the other is silly-frowning. If one of you is wearing street clothes, the other is wearing a fairy godmother costume. This keeps the natural balance of the universe.

8. But Through It All, You Can Find No Better Partner In Crime

One of you says potato, the other says po-tah-to. One of you is the business person, the other is the creative. And while these dueling types shouldn't go together, they just do. In the immortal words of MC Scat Kat, you go together 'cause opposites attract.

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