Gwen & Blake Are Cuddling Up All Over The Place

When I first heard that Gwen Stefani was dating Blake Shelton, my pre-teen self was a little confused to say the least. Stefani was the patron saint of ska and bad ass rock and roll girls everywhere, so it was interesting to see her date a country singer after her divorce from Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale. Was this strange coupling all a ploy for Voice ratings? I am sure many other fans had this thought in the beginning, but as their relationship blossomed, it became pretty clear that Stefani and Shelton were the real deal, and their increasing social media PDA proves it.

Case in point, Stefani and Shelton performed their duet, "Go Ahead And Break My Heart," at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night, and there were literally fireworks on stage. Their distinct voices oddly complemented each other and Stefani's cute, slight smiles to Shelton and his loving looks at her made my heart melt. They were on a public stage singing in front of millions of viewers, but they were singing this song to each other, and only each other. Aww!

After the performance, Stefani couldn't help but post photos of herself and Shelton backstage together, they are just adorable.

Now, if you think one couple's selfie was enough for Stefani, you better think again. She made sure to post a couple more photos, and she certainly seems like a woman who is head over heels in love.

Look at her smile! She can hardly contain her happiness. She also made sure to post a more casual photo of them just sitting down on a couch together looking any normal couple.

So, in case you had any doubts about them being a happy and very real couple, these pictures probably changed your mind just a bit. And after looking through Stefani's Instagram some more, I noticed that the last few weeks, she's been a bit more snap happy with the PDA. Along with the Billboard backstage photos, she's shared pics of them backstage after their recent performance on The Voice:

But their cuteness also goes beyond their performances and backstage moments. She shared a selfie on them snuggling with "B+G" carved onto a tree. Like, is that not the cutest thing ever? They're like two kids in high school and I love it.

It seems like Shelton and Stefani are making each other very, very happy lately and I fully support this situation.